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8. Sequence 05

Arno will once again report his findings to the council, showing them the silver weapon and earning a pistol. François Germain is the silversmith responsible for having created the pin, so he might know something.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 05

Sequence 5-1: The Silversmith

  • Brutes driven berserk (2)
  • Doors lockpicked (4)

The silversmith is somewhere inside the building near where this memory begins. Hop down and carefully shoot some berserk blades into a brute (the chunkier guys with axes). This will cause a ruckus outside the building as well as finish the first optional objective. There's no penalty for being spotted or being in combat during this memory, so the berserk brutes can only be of benefit if they're far enough away from you.

When you get inside the building, focus first on picking locked doors. Eagle vision can find them easily, and they'll be at the lowest difficulty. If you find that you're having trouble, you can always return to this memory after obtaining the next lockpicking skill to make this easier on you. Upon finding the silversmith François Germain, he'll tell you that he's been holed up in this place for quite a long time and would like to escape. Kill the marked soldiers to allow Germain to continue following you, but don't leave the building when you see a way outside. Germain will spot snipers on the roof outside; run out there after he's seen them and kill them to allow an escape.

Help Germain leave the building and follow him to a safe place. He'll tell you that the pin was made for a man named Lafrenière, who happens to be a Templar. He also happens to be the current Grand Master after De La Serre's death. Sounds like a pretty telling situation.

Sequence 5-2: La Halle aux Blés

  • Pistol kills (3)
  • Pass over/under objects (4)

Note: You may want to get a good pistol, or at least learn where a merchant is when starting the memory. If you complete all the Café Théâtre missions and renovate all the social clubs, you should make a little more than 10,000 livres per 20 minutes; you can then technically buy the absolute best pistol in the game in only a few hours of waiting.

The Templars have stocked up quite an impressive amount of supplies in the granary (the French translates directly to "wheat hall"). Start by killing three enemies with pistol fire, then enter the granary and climb upwards until you find a book that reveals the Grand Master's location. When you learn it, Arno will get the brilliant idea of setting the Templar supplies on fire, but will not account for the gunpowder.

You'll now want to slide over and under at least four objects as you escape the granary. There aren't a lot of opportunities to do this, so it's best to get it out of the way now. Slide over the pile of junk on the left side of the room you're in, then over some tall and upright barrels in the next room. A bit past these barrels to the left is a small hole you can slide under, but this is optional; two slides are mandatory, so you only need two of these maneuvers in the first two rooms. Escape the granary through the roof to finish the memory.

Sequence 5-3: The Prophet

  • Alarm bells sabotaged (4)
  • Cover kills (3)

Time for another assassination. Arno will arrive at the scene early so he can prepare for the Grand Master's arrival. Get to the ground and work on killing absolutely everyone at the cemetery - this won't benefit you at night, but it'll make the place safe for now. When the coast is clear, disable all four alarm bells and locate the plans on a sarcophagus. These plans show the walking patterns that the Grand Master will take - not sure why he has to map out a walking pattern and follow it, though. Helping the civilians inside a tunnel will allow them to help you out later, should you require their assistance. When all four alarm bells have been disabled and you've done what you'd like to do, enter a bale of hay and hide in it until nightfall. I personally recommend the hay in the northeast corner of the cemetery.

Wait until a soldier walks right in front of this hay bale when night comes. Instead of assassinating him right off the bat, hop out to the south and use the cart as cover so you can perform a cover kill. Continue slowly from the hay towards the Grand Master, where you should easily spot a lone enemy standing by a wall. This is obviously another perfect time to get a cover kill, so use the wall as cover and perform the kill. The third cover kill will also take place very soon. Walk to the top of this short staircase past the most recent kill and get the attention of a brute in the distance until he decides to check your location. This can be done with a cherry bomb or by standing around until he starts coming towards you. Wait for him to get close, then kill him from behind cover to finish the second optional objective.

Now all that's left to do is kill the Grand Master. If it comes down to it, a standard fight shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Using a smoke bomb or two will allow you to slash at enemies without penalty if need be. Killing the Grand Master will allow Arno to see his memories, which won't be as he expects them to be. Escape the area and set your sights on meeting with the council.

Note: After finishing this sequence, you'll be given the opportunity to earn more skills. The Journeyman Locksmith perk will be very useful, and so will the Master Locksmith skill. Try to save enough points for Master Locksmith until you eventually get it.

The Root Of Evil

Complete Memory Sequence 5.

The Root Of Evil
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