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7. Sequence 04

The council will ask you on how your investigation has gone; Arno has discovered that another man was involved: the King of Beggars. Mirabeau will send you on your way to find the King of Beggars with a new tool. The phantom blade allows you to fire blades at a distance into your enemies. You'll be able to shoot standard blades as well as blades imbued with berserk poison.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 04

Sequence 4-1: The Kingdom of Beggars

  • Cherry bomb lures (2)
  • Phantom blade kills (2)

Investigate this impoverished region of France and look for signs of the King of Beggars. After a bit of searching, you should find a man about to have his leg cut off. Another man, far more stylish and aware of what's going on, will give you some advice on how to find the King. A very distinguished fellow will tell his crooks to haul the injured man back to base; follow him per the Marquis de Sade's advice until you come across a slew of enemies.

As you tail la Touche, hold cn_L1 while far away enough from an enemy that he won't notice you, then aim for their head and cn_R2 kill them. Do this at least twice and get that task out of the way here so you don't have to do it later. Use eagle vision to keep la Touche in your sights - even when he isn't. When he walks past a gate, walk near the gate so that you're still outside of the red no-go zone and drop a cherry bomb lure somewhere that the surrounding enemies will look. This may take one or two cherry bombs, but you should distract at least two in no time. After that's out of the way, infiltrate the area and find la Touche inside one of the many buildings. Confront him to learn the location of the King of Beggars, then escape before anything else happens.

Sequence 4-2: Le Roi est Mort

  • Air assassinations (3)
  • Phantom blade kills (2)

Make sure you have phantom blades for this memory. You've likely used up some during the previous one. Lockpicks will also be very helpful.

As with your last major target, you have some alternative actions you can perform to make your assassination a bit lighter. First, focus on performing three air assassinations as you look around for two air vents. When covered, they will smoke out some enemies and make it difficult for others to see you while underground. You can also assist some beggars in fighting some of the King's men. This will lead the group to help you fight for a little while, then cause a lot more mayhem while you're underground.

Delve into the tunnels and kill anyone who gets in your way as you make your way closer to the King of Beggars. After some time, la Touche will lead some men to look for you, but will eventually scurry away in fear when you find him. When you do make your way to the King's chamber, look around for at least two of his men and use a quick cn_R1 phantom blade shot on them while they're highlighted in orange (or try to aim from afar like in the previous memory). With the second optional objective taken care of, use eagle vision to look for a ladder. Climb up this and pick the locked door at the top to gain immediate access to the King of Beggar's neck.

The King will reveal through his dying memories the weapon used to kill De La Serre. Escape the tunnels and return to the surface. Arno will find the Marquis de Sade already accustomed to being the new King of Beggars. It seems like the two of you had a mutually beneficial relationship.

La Cour des Miracles

Complete Memory Sequence 4.

La Cour des Miracles
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