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6. Sequence 03

You should now have access to le Café Théâtre in the Île Saint-Louis District (the south of Paris). You should consider checking it out to start earning the basis of a main source of income every 20 minutes. Certain tasks will increase the amount you earn. More information can be found on the Skills, Inventory, and Completion page, which you should also read in full so you know what's expected of you and what you can set out to accomplish. The page contains many trophies that you'll want to look out for, as well as information for many branches of the game's content.

After reading that page, you may consider reaching some collectibles and fast travel points to clean up the map. You'll essentially have to do almost everything the game has to offer (with some exceptions), but there's another bonus to completion that isn't related to trophies. Since you can't really filter the map very well, it'd make sense to simply complete things on the map so they don't show up at all. Your first look at the Paris map will be a completionist's dream or a nightmare, depending on their outlook.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 03

Sequence 3-1: Graduation

  • Cover kills (3)
  • Keep up with Bellec

It may not have felt like it, but a year has passed since the previous memory. There's just one last task Arno has to do to become a proper Assassin. Drop down below and use cover to take care of all three guards here to make quick completion of the first optional objective. Crouch and stay within sight until a single enemy walks to check you out, then hide behind cover and kill him. Do this with all three enemies, then sabotage the alarm bell so they can't call for backup. Two Templars, one named Sivert - the man who killed De La Serre - will walk for a while before bald one receives a book. Bellec will kill this man, letting you take care of his bodyguard. Take the book from the Templar and follow Bellec all the way back to the Café Théâtre as they enter the Assassin's hideout.

Arno and Pierre will present their findings to the Assassins, claiming the peace treaty between the two factions isn't working out too well anymore. One of the Masters will give Arno the task of killing Sivert.

Sequence 3-2: Confession

  • Kills from hiding spots (2)
  • Don't trigger any alarms

It's time to kill Sivert. Pierre will let you handle this by yourself, giving you a few plans of attack. There's a guard with a stolen key leading to the front of the church and there's a man planning to meet with Sivert in a confession booth inside the church itself. There's also an open window on the north side of the cathedral. As you can see, there are many opportunities to just do whatever you feel like, but you still need to keep the optional objectives in mind.

When you drop down from the roof, you should be very close to the guy with the keys. Since it never hurts to simply possess the keys, steal them from him or kill him so you can take them off his body. After that, look on the map for the second optional task, which is to kill the guy planning to meet with Sivert. Kill him, then try to fend off any soldiers that come after you as a result of your actions. Objectives like these - ones that progress your options toward the big kill - will save after death, so if you die, it's no big deal.

If you can, use firecrackers to try to pull a soldier towards the hay bale outside the church's doors. If this doesn't work, then refill on firecrackers and either kill everyone outside the front door or climb into the open window. If you decide to kill the guys outside, disarm the alarm bell for later. The optional objectives will activate once you enter the church for the first time, so it's completely okay if the bell gets rung before then. The next two paragraphs will detail the two options you have at completing the optional objectives whilst killing Sivert.

If you entered through the window, jump into a bale of hay and wait for one of Sivert's men to walk past you. Kill him from within the hay bale, then wait for Sivert to enter his side of the confession booth. Enter the open side when the coast is clear, then assassinate him to complete the first optional objective. It'll be very easy to leave the church without anyone ringing the second alarm bell in the middle of the building, as most enemies don't even consider running to it if you fight them from around this area. Escape the yellow zone on the map to finish the memory.

If you entered through the front door, sneak through the left side and look for a confession booth that you can hide in; it's a wooden cabinet-like object with drapes over the opening. Wait for some people to pass, then try to enter it. You'll likely alert the guards when doing so, so drop a smoke bomb and run into the booth to hide. After waiting enough time, all of the enemies will revert back to their regular habits, including the man who walks right in front of the booth. Kill him when he's in front of it, then fight off all of the other enemies in the general area. If this fails to work out well for you, don't worry, because you might get another chance later. Afterward, sneak further into the church (still on the same side of it as before) and locate the stand that Sivert will walk into. If he's not yet there, hide in the one near him, then kill him from inside the booth. If this is your first kill from a hiding spot, pop a firecracker outside the booth you're in and then rush back in; hopefully one of the nearby enemies will walk close enough to the booth that you can assassinate him. If not, try doing this with the hay bale inside or outside the church. Escape the yellow zone on the map to finish the memory.

After the memory ends, your Assassin associate will tell you that Abstergo is catching up to your antics and that you'll want to jump into an alternate server to buy yourself some time. This is done by literally jumping into a portal near a building; do it, and you'll be sent to a later period in time for a short while.

Server Bridge: Fin de Siecle

You'll land in Paris during the Belle Époque. For now, the goal is to return back to Arno's time. Find the entrance to a subway station in a square near where you start and continue to trek further into the tunnels and halls until you're back into the open air. A bunch of debris will be spinning rapidly around the Statue of Liberty, which shouldn't even be here during this time; something must be glitching things out to make it appear here. Hide behind cover when debris flies towards you, then scale the statue's scaffoldings and fling yourself into the portal to take you back to Arno's proper time.

First Blood

Complete Memory Sequence 3.

First Blood
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