Assassin's Creed Unity Walkthrough

5. Sequence 02

This sequence begins right after Sequence 01 ends.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 02

Sequence 2-1: Imprisoned

  • Perfect parries (3)
  • Smoke bomb evasions (2)

Locked in prison, look around the cell and interact with everything before going to bed. When you wake up, the prisoner by the drawings on the wall will be looking at your father's pocketwatch. Fight him back for it and he'll reveal to you that your father was an Assassin, just like he is. The two of you will train together until they're given the chance to escape. Do as Pierre says and help him disable the two soldiers that walk into your cell, then run with him to a locked door and defend him from incoming enemies. cn_dpad Equip your smoke bombs (that the game doesn't tell you that you have) and use one when the first set of enemies are close, then wait for it to wear off and parry three of their attacks. Then, when a second group arrives, use another smoke bomb, finishing off both optional objectives.

Run with Pierre up through the prison to the roof, killing anyone you have to in order to escape. Pierre will jump off the roof after giving you a clue on where to find him later. Jump down after him into the water below so Arno can locate Élise and try to talk to her. It's not going to go too well.

Perfect parries are done in the same place as evasions, use your own smoke bombs cn_dpad.

Note: The game will tell you that Paris is now open to explore. You should still focus on completing story missions up to a certain point so you can start working on earning new equipment and other useful items.

Sequence 2-2: Rebirth

Enter the building Pierre led you to and look around the interior for a path leading to the stained glass window in the shape you saw on his medallion. There's a small mechanism there projecting a beam of light that, when the medallion is inserted, will open the path ahead to the Assassins' hideout. Once inside, Pierre will lead you to the council, who will provide you a drink to take as part of your initiation. Doing so will alter your vision and create a path leading down into a mysterious area. Jump down when you see a bunch of paintings.

Chase the man in the distance as the building you're in crumbles around you. At the end of the path, a shadowy figure will have killed the man. This sends you in front of a completely different building with more platforming to take place in order to reach the second man. The shadow will have taken his life as well. Afterward, you will awaken in a room full of shadows, with the one responsible for the killings in the middle of the area. Sneak through the shadows to the back of the one you want to kill so you can stab him without him suspecting a thing. This will complete your initiation. The council will congratulate you and provide you with a hidden blade to perform assassinations with.


Complete Memory Sequence 2.

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Note: You may receive several bonuses for Companion Missions after this sequence ends. This is not something known for certain, as it likely depends on whether you made progress in the companion app before it got shut down. The most likely scenarios are that you either receive the bonuses or you have all 20 missions open for completion without having to use the app.

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