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4. Sequence 01

You'll be sent right into the story as soon as the game starts. A trailer for Abstergo will play before you're given a menu of several different stories to play through, the first and only one available being about Jacques de Molay, a Templar from Medieval times.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 01

You'll first witness an infiltration by several men as they breach a castle before being cut to control of a fellow Templar. Walk with de Molay until he tells you to save the Templar artifacts they have. Scale the castle and you'll find an Assassin inside; chase after him and fight him a few times until he's been defeated, allowing you to secure the relics. As you leave, the Assassin will wake up; he was merely stunned and is now back on his feet. The situation will be resolved as the story cuts to de Molay's trial seven years later.

After de Molay's sentencing, a woman claiming to be of Assassin alliance will talk to you and try to convince you to at least test out a few memories from an Assassin of theirs. After that, she'll let you decide what you want to do next.

A Long Time Ago

Complete the Prologue.

A Long Time Ago
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Sequence 1-1: Memories of Versailles

  • Pass over/under objects
  • Don't get tackled

The Assassins will patch you into a memory from France in late 1776, where a politician, Charles Dorian, comforts his son Arno. As he leaves, Arno will get bored and you'll take control of him. A girl in a fancy dress will tease you from down the hall; run after her until she stops you by some apples. After she bets you that you won't steal one, walk up to the table and prove her wrong. A guard watching the entire ordeal will start to walk toward you, so run away and hide from him until he gives up his search. Meet back up with the girl (Élise) and see what the people in the palace are all worked up about.

The story continues many years later, when Arno is more of an adult. He'll be taking back his pocketwatch that he lost in a game of cards, but the blacksmith who won it will try to get it back from you with the aid of his brother. The game will inform you that you can jump through windows and under tables - do this at least five times throughout the mission to complete an optional objective, then catch the brother that has your watch. It'll be around this time that the original blacksmith catches up to you. Make sure he never does so as you lose him to fulfill the other optional objective. Upon his giving up, return to your home and speak with the men outside until your François De La Serre, your adoptive father, sends you inside.

François will be reasonably cross that you keep pulling these stunts and will tell you to work around the palace as he picks up Élise, his daughter.

Sequence 1-2: The Estates General

  • Attacks parried (2)
  • Attacks dodged (2)

Speak with the help downstairs as François has asked you to do. De La Serre will take off after you're done cleaning the horses, but a man will run up and insist that De La Serre gets the letter he's holding by today. Run after the carriage to deliver the letter until it stops, only to find out that you've found the wrong carriage. Climb a nearby building's spire to get a good look at the surrounding area; this is known as synchronizing a viewpoint, and doing so helps develop your map further. This includes both the normal cn_select map as well as your minimap, so it's extremely useful. Synchronizing a viewpoint also allows it to be used as a fast travel destination.

When you locate François and Élise, drop down to ground level and use the crowd in front of the palace to blend in so the guards don't notice you. Go all the way south until you see a group of about four nobles standing in a circle talking to each other. One guard will occasionally walk left and right near these guards. Make your approach to the palace's opening near these nobles when the guard is walking westward.

Walk up through the palace until you reach an area where many politicians are gathered. Here, you'll want to use cn_T to locate De La Serre, who should be on the center stage. When you locate him, Arno will notice that the blacksmiths are also here; they must have followed him from the estate. Leave into the next room and fight the brothers off, but make sure to dodge and parry attacks accordingly to fulfill the optional objectives. One brother will use attacks that can be parried, whereas the other will use heavier attacks that must be dodged. These objectives should really just fulfill themselves if you're practicing good technique.

After taking half their health away, Arno will escape as guards burst into the room. Kill the guys who come after you or escape from them outside the yellow area on the map/minimap to complete the memory. It might be a good idea to simply wait at the estate for the father and daughter to return.

Note: As you return to the estate, it might be a good idea to sync the viewpoint for the Recollets District on the way there. Find it on your map and mark it.

Sequence 1-3: High Society

  • Don't get into conflict

Élise is returning to Paris by tomorrow, but she's currently at a party. Leave the letter under François's door and get some better clothes so you can enter the party in style. After making your way past the invitation checker, slither through the crowds and get to a place where you can climb into a window. Sneak past palace guards with cn_L2 and by using cover until you can find Élise. Tail her until she's had her fun, then escape the guards while she distracts them. Make sure that you don't get into conflict with any guards as you leave so you fulfill the secondary objective for this memory. As you leave the building, you'll get caught up in a rather unfortunate scene.

Youth In Versailles

Complete Memory Sequence 1.

Youth In Versailles
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