Assassin's Creed Unity Walkthrough

25. Café Théâtre Missions

Missions for Le Café Théâtre become available after visiting the Café for the first time, which can be done after Sequence 2 is finished. These missions reward you with upgrades for the building, increasing your periodic income. Finishing all five missions is required for a trophy, which you can find on the page for Skills, Inventory, and Completion.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Café Théâtre Missions


A group called the Hébertistes have started burning incredibly rare texts, with some of these belonging to the Assassins. Locate your contact up to the north (you can fast travel closer if you're able to) and help them locate the remainder of these texts. Your contact will be very close to the three remaining manuscripts; kill the Hébertistes protecting them and cn_O pick them up. When all three are obtained, leave the nearby area to finish the mission.


Colette, one of the Assassin's informants, has been compromised. Reach the location of the innkeepers she's using, then tail them to see if they suspect her as a spy. Listen to their conversation from a nearby hiding spot and then kill the man who claims that he'll kill her. When he's dead, run to Colette and save her from several enemies. Save her and leave the area to finish the mission.

Damsel in Seamstress

The Queen's old dressmaker has been taken by radicals, and the very same group has vandalized her store. Rescue her from her captivity and she'll tell you the general locations of her costumes, which have been relocated in the nearby area. Collecting them is easy, and is only a matter of killing the enemies around each one so you can get in closer and take it from the chest. When you have all three, leave the area as you've done with the previous missions.

The Queen's Necklace

The radicals have stolen a valuable diamond that they plan to sell to fund an attack on the Assassins. Reach the informant with counterfeit money, only to learn that he's been found out. One of Renard's men has taken the diamond far from your ally and, to make things more stressful, your smuggler will not send it out of the country unless you get it to him soon (there is no real time limit). Simply locate the man with the diamond and kill him so you can take the gem from him. After you have it, you'll find that the smuggler has also been captured and is surrounded by another squad of radicals. Defeat them as well, then give the smuggler the diamond. As with the previous missions, leave the area to wrap this up.

Foxy Renard

Renard and his group have been a problem for the café for long enough. There's a man near Renard's general location who has a plan to try to sell him a diamond necklace to get him out in the open, giving you the opportunity to strike. First, you'll need to actually get a diamond necklace, which you can take from a nearby priest. The problem is that the priest is being protected by none other than Renard's men. Try to slip around the rooftops and defeat the riflemen watching over the priest, then use another attack plan (berserk blades, smoke bombs, etc.) to kill the priest's bodyguards. Take the diamond necklace to your informant.

The informant will walk into the meeting he has with Renard, but Renard won't be as open a target as intended. Locate the radicals' base and identify Renard, then kill him and escape to ensure that these men stay down for good.

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