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24. Suger's Legacy (DLC)

The seven riddles of Suger's Legacy open up after the end of Sequence 13-3, and are very similar to the Nostradamus Enigmas of Paris. Two of these are actually mandatory for story progression, but you'll want to finish all seven for a trophy and a powerful sword, the Eagle of Suger.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Suger's Legacy

As with the Nostradamus Enigmas, there are three riddles to solve. This page will clarify the locations of the signs you need to find, but if they aren't doing the trick, you can always consult the playlist link for videos on where they are.

I - Nativitatis et Mortis

The first symbol will be at ground level on this very building. It'll be at the entrance, protected by two soldiers. The second one is at the orphanage that Léon lives in. Since nobody should be expected to remember where that is, it's directly east of the Cemetery District viewpoint. The symbol will be where Léon was generally found. The third symbol is a wee bit north of the same viewpoint on a small stump, and it may be hard to see from any direction other than from the viewpoint building.

II - Morbum

You should see a small square of soldier-controlled space a bit northwest of where this puzzle starts. The first symbol will be on a wall in that square. From here, go south down the road and you should very quickly - almost immediately - find the second symbol on the right (west). Keep going straight south from here past a vegetable stand until you reach a short wall, where the third and last symbol is.

III - Diabolus

Since this puzzle is required for the story, you'll get green circles to help you determine where the symbols are. Look south immediately from the area you're standing on and you should find a glowing goat statue hanging off the main structure. The second symbol is much farther away, but at least you have a marker for it. Climb the building it's on from the front until you reach the top of the first roof. A small brick with a pentagram will be sticking out, and this is where the second symbol is. The last one is on the south side of the building from exactly where you are. Drop down there and inspect the door next to the glowing statue to finish the riddle.

IV - Natura

This set of symbols is very easy to find. The first will be around the base of the windmill and the second will be in the very southwest corner of the map at a campfire. From the second symbol, run north up the path until you see a big wooden wall. Behind it is a well, and next to it is the third symbol.

V - Crux

Since this puzzle is required for the story, you'll get green circles to help you determine where the symbols are. The first is a small cross at the base of the windmill. The second is another cross, hence the title of the puzzle. You may need to stand on the broken wall in front of the cross to properly interact with it. The third cross is made of a much thinner metal and may be hard to see without eagle vision. Since you're given a green radius of where it could be, it shouldn't take too long anyway.

VI - Noctis

From where the initial symbol is on the roof, drop down that side of the building and run in that direction toward a wall to find the first symbol. The second is farther away to the northeast, but not too far. On the map, you can locate a fountain appearing as a dark circle; make that your destination and look around it for the second symbol on a tree. The third symbol is even farther away, near the northwest border of Franciade. It's northeast-east of the Cemetery District's northernmost underground entrance. The symbol will be on a rock near two radicals.

VII - Dies

From where this puzzle starts, find the nearest large doorway on the basilica. It should be right behind you, a bit to the west. Climb up that side of the church to find the first symbol, then drop to the ground and run to the front entrance. The second symbol should be on the northern wall of the front entrance. The third symbol is inside the church near where the blessed sword is; climb up above the front entrance and use the open window to get to the last symbol much faster. If this is your last puzzle, then the Eagle of Suger's resting place will be very close and you'll be able to get the sword right away.

Defender Of Franciade

Complete Suger’s Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger.

Defender Of Franciade
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