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23. Nostradamus Enigmas

Underneath the Café Théâtre is the armor of Thomas de Carneillon, the Assassin who led the charge against Jacques de Molay so long ago in Medieval times. The seal to the armor has been broken and is now scattered across Paris, revealed only through riddles that are also spread around the city. The solutions to these riddles here will often use place names given in-game by the landmark markers on the map.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Nostradamus Enigmas


The first riddle is obviously going to be the easiest one. When starting the riddle, use eagle vision to find the symbol right above the text, then go up the main stairway and look around the room for a painting with another symbol on it. This provides another riddle. To find the last symbol, go to the roof of the café and reach the dome at the very top of the building.


You start this set of riddles on the building of the viewpoint for the Feydeau District in the northeast. The first symbol can be found directly east in Place Vendôme at the base of the statue in the center of the plaza. The second symbol isn't at a specific place, but is near the northern border of the Tuileries District, which is again west from Place Vendôme. Fast travel to the Vendôme District's viewpoint and drop to the roof of the Halle aux Blés, then look at the viewpoint's tower structure for the final symbol.


Start the riddle, then drop to the south and look on the statue there for the first symbol. Then locate the building with a tower just a wee bit southeast from here, near a shop, and you'll find the second symbol on the east side of the building after a short climb up to a flat area. The last symbol is on the tower in the middle of the hedge maze east from here. You should really consider using the ropes to get to the tower more easily so you don't have to actually do any slinking around.


The first symbol for the Mars puzzle is in the graveyard south of the starting point. The second symbol is on the building with two towers directly east (across the street) from the social club in the Palais de Justice District, north of the first symbol's district. The final symbol is at the very northern tip of the island in the middle of Paris, also known as Pont Neuf, and is on the base of the statue there.


Per the riddle's obvious first line, go to the front of the Palais Bourbon and climb to the top of the archway in front of the courtyard. The second symbol is on the west side of the Saint-Lambert District to the west. It'll be north of the gate with two visibly large towers on the map. Look for a broken-down water wheel and find the symbol on some rocks. Across the gate is a bridge over a river, which is a bit hard to make out since both are blue on the map. You can find the last symbol on that bridge.


The first riddle's solution is directly north, in the middle of the clock on the southeast corner of the Palais de Justice. The second symbol is on the flowery symbol above the large front doors of the Notre Dame, one district south from here. The final symbol is also on the Notre Dame, and is on the west side among the large arches between the front and middle of the building.


The first symbol can be found at the Louvre on the northern tower and is somewhat below the Nomad Point that shows up there. The second is in the courtyard of Palais-Royal, to the northeast, and is on a field of grass. The third symbol is on the bridge Pont de la Concorde / Révolution, which is east of the viewpoint for the Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin District and west of the Tuileries District.


The first symbol is very, very close to where the start is, and is on a strange wooden contraption on the water a few feet to the north. The second symbol is at ground level at le Champ de Mars, which is a bit to the east, and the third symbol is directly south of there on one of the wooden structures surrounding the large tree. The Taurus puzzle actually has four symbols, and the last one is at the northern face of École Militaire, directly south of the tree. Climb up to the top of the northern entrance to find it.


The first symbol is east and a bit south of the starting point and may be around a group of people talking to each other. The second is much further east, but is still within the same district. It's at a fountain in a courtyard of an unnamed palace, part of which is inhabiting a red notoriety zone. Travel one district north to the Saint-Jacques District and look in the very southeast corner for a tower near the river. The final symbol will be on this little tower.


You may want to consider fast traveling to the viewpoint on St-Germain-des-Prés in this district, as the first symbol is very close to the top of the building. The second will be inside the palace at the Luxembourg District's viewpoint, which is to the southwest from the first symbol. It'll be on the ground floor. The third symbol is west of the palace at the fountain in the garden, and the fourth symbol is underground. Use the entrance directly south of the fountain (it's west of a shop) and just keep going straight ahead. You should come across a beam to slip underneath and a few radicals before coming to a dead end and finding the symbol.


Look south in this district for a landmark with no proper name. This actually marks the Marquis de Sade's homemade palace, which is where you'll find the first symbol. The second is at the center of Cour des Miracles, to the north. To the northwest of the Cour des Miracles is another unnamed landmark, pinpointing exactly where you'll find the last symbol.


The first symbol is in the southwest tower of the Grand Châtelet, which is in the northwest corner of the Hôtel de Ville District. The second is to the east in the Cimetière des Saints-Innocents and is on the inner walls on the west side. The last symbol is on the Halles District's viewpoint building, the Église St. Eustache, and is on top of the northwest corner.


The first symbol is high up above the northern entrance to the Palais des Tuileries, which is close to the puzzle's starting point. The second symbol can be found directly north on the ground at Place de la Révolution / Concord / Louis XV. The last symbol is east of la Madeleine, which is two districts over and directly east of the second symbol. If you haven't done the Paris Story titled Marianne Returns Home, you'll find the symbol a bit west of its starting point on a small structure.


Drop down immediately to the front of the starting building to find the first symbol on the ground. Next, look south in the Arsenal District for the Hôtel de Sens and locate the tower in its northwest corner. The second symbol will be on this tower at roof level. East of this, back in the Marais District, is a large square garden, the Place des Vosges. The last symbol will be on a statue in the middle.


The first symbol will be on the dome of the unnamed landmark building to the northeast in the Fauborg Saint-Germain District. The second is at the top of the tower south of the landmark marker on the fast travel building for the Sorbonne District, which itself is south of the first symbol. To the far west is the Observatoire de Paris, where you'll find the final symbol on the roof.


Capricorn's first symbol is a mere drop from the fast travel spot in the Hôtel de Ville District (but not into the hay). Reach the fast travel point and manually drop down slowly until you find it. The second symbol is on the east side of the soldier-controlled region just north of the viewpoint. Northeast of here is an unnamed landmark with a tower. Climb the tower to find the last symbol on its roof.


Use the fast travel point in the Temple District and drop down to the east roof to find the first symbol. Zoom in on the map and look a little to the north for a fountain, which should appear as a dark circle. You'll find the second symbol there. The third symbol is underground, and you should use the entrance a little bit northwest of the shop east of the temple. Look for two torches in front of a collapsed set of beams and pass under them to find the symbol.


For the first symbol, fast travel to the Panthéon District and manually drop down to the north to find it on the roof. Then return to the center and walk into the dome, where the second symbol will also be on the floor. Head to the east edge and drop to the ground, then look behind the Panthéon's columns for the third symbol. A fourth symbol can be found within the Panthéon in the main room; climb up to a higher level and look around for a painting with the symbol underneath it. The last symbol is underground. Head to the northeast corner of the building and walk down the stairs, then progress into a large area filled with soldiers. Look in one of the small rooms for the final symbol.

Accurate Prediction

Complete a Nostradamus Enigma in Paris.

Accurate Prediction

Café Théâtre

Now that you have all of Nostradamus's little relics, return to the room where the Medieval armor is being held. The first puzzle, the one on the right side of the room contains four turnstiles with constellations on them. These constellations correlate to the Zodiac signs on the walls and on the floor; simply turn the pillars so the correct constellation is matched with the Zodiac sign on the floor, then climb up from this room's entrance towards a lever. Pulling this lever will cause one of the three protective gates around the armor to drop.

The left room's puzzle contains a set of planets. Interact with the first button three times, the middle button once, and then the third button three times. The last puzzle is, of course, behind the armor. It's a simple timing/climbing puzzle that asks you to stop moving when gas is being pushed out of the walls. When all three puzzles have been solved, the armor will finally be available to you.

From the Past

Unlock the Medieval Armor in the Café Théâtre.

From the Past

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