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22. Murder Mysteries

Murder mysteries appear early into the game. One appears in the middle of the map and the others appear after that first one is completed. You need only finish one for the sake of trophies in the base game, but you also need to complete the two that come with the free DLC. Since each murder mystery has a correct answer you must make correctly for a higher reward, finishing them is very easy with a list of the correct murderers. These will be hidden by spoiler tags in the event that you'd not like to see the names right away.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Murder Mysteries

Murder Foretold

This mystery must be completed in order for the rest of the mysteries to become available on the map. Investigate the body of Friar Jean, then continue looking for clues. The Abbot suggests that one of the three surviving monks could have been responsible for killing the rest, but shakes that idea off. Look around for clues, most of which are in the very same building, then collect statements from the three monks in the area.

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Barber of Seville

The actors in this theatre troupe don't get along very well, and as a result, two are dead. One dead man killed the other, but the person who killed him remains at large. Investigate the scene around the body and then look around the theatre troupe's belongings for more info.

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The Body in the Brothel

Note: This mission only unlocks after finishing the Marquis de Sade's three Paris Stories, starting with My Kingdom for Some Whores and ending with Sadistic Blackmail.

One of the Marquis de Sade's favorite girls has been murdered, and naturally the primary suspect is the Marquis. Find out who's really behind the murder and free his name once again.

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Ancestral Vengeance

A man has been killed in his own home. His wife mentions that he was upset at a newspaper article, which will point you in the direction of more areas related to the crime.

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The Body Politic

A politician was killed by some sort of poison while he invited his opponents over to calm things down. Something is surely afoot.

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Bones of Contention

A bag of bones has washed up on the shores of the river, with the only thing identifying them being a gold tooth. There aren't many people with a gold tooth around, so the victim should be easily identifiable.

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The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat

Jean-Paul Marat was a revolutionary, which means that he probably wasn't going to live long anyway. That doesn't mean the murder should get off scot-free.

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Killed by Science (DLC)

Note: This mission is not part of the free DLC and is instead available in the Secrets of the Revolution Pack.

The solar cannon in this garden is a great invention, firing at noon each day when the sun reaches the center of the sky. Today, however, it has ended up killing someone. Investigate the area and see what you can find out.

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Hot Chocolate to Die For

A woman has been found dead by some sort of poison from a small cup, presumed to be previously holding hot chocolate. Members of her family and others are bound to be questioned in order to find the killer.

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The Hand of Science

A college professor has been found dead after an experiment appears to have gone wrong. Surely the professor would not have made such a careless mistake himself, but who would have done this? Differing clues tell different stories.

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The Decapitated Warden

The warden of a prison naturally has many enemies. As such, he has been found dead in a pool of strange chemicals, but the head was placed on a pike for the deputy warden. Someone must be behind this.

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The Death of Philibert Aspairt

Philibert Aspairt has been found dead in the catacombs near a few bottles of chartreuse, a bloody shovel, and some other items. It'll be your job to figure out why someone would want him dead, as well as who did it.

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The Red Ghost of the Tuileries

A red ghost has been rumored to appear around the offices of the man who has committed suicide. As any politician, there are many connections the Minister of Finance had before he died.

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Cut the Middle Man

A man has been found dead at the cemetery, which would be normal save for the fact that he died at the cemetery. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle, many of which point in varying directions.

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A Dash of Poison

A woman selling vials of tonics for cheap has been killed by something, presumably some kind of poison. There are a few people known to have done business with her that may know something (or have done something) about this murder.

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Blind Justice (DLC)

Another murder has taken place. This time, a man's eyes have been removed after death. Just as a heads up, one of the pieces of evidence should be very telling.

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Equal Justice (DLC)

A woman has been found dead, and her friend claims that the two of them were just about to join the revolutionary army. Someone clearly did not want her to join.

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Hand of Justice in Assassin's Creed Unity
Bronze Trophy
Solve a Murder Mystery in Paris.
  • Unlocked by 24,646 tracked gamers (63% - TT Ratio = 1.25) 38,908

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