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21. Paris Stories

There are lots of little side stories scattered around Paris that you can complete. None are tied to trophies, but some are tied to chests and cockades, which are tied to trophies. The six additional Stories of Franciade from the DLC can be found at the bottom of the page as well.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Paris Stories

Tall, Dark Strangers

Note: This questline, ending with Flamel's Secret: The Elixir of Life, will allow access to an underground chest in the Cité District underneath Notre Dame.

A woman named Mademoiselle Lenormand believes she has supernatural abilities. Since she reads for very powerful individuals, enemies of those individuals are out to get her. Walk with her through town as she identifies her enemies using her psychic powers, then kill them for her. There are almost half a dozen men plotting to kill her, all of which will be killed if you act as a proper bodyguard.

Flamel's Secret: The Monks

Mlle Lenormand believes a group of monks are after some sort of power from inside the Notre Dame, and she believes this power to be that of Nicolas Flamel's long-lost laboratory.

Flamel's Secret: Denis Molinier

Mlle Lenormand knows a Templar named Denis Molinier, who she believes owns the other mechanism part. She even encourages you to steal the part from him so you can open the rumored mechanism and open up Flamel's workshop. Molinier's townhouse should be very, very close to the fast travel point within its general position, and the man himself should be walking around on ground level. Steal the key from him and use it to open his chest to retrieve the mechanism part. Return to Mlle Lenormand and show her what you've found.

Flamel's Secret: The Elixir of Life

Now that you have the mechanism parts, all you have to do now is find Flamel's lab. Use the underground entrance west of the southern end of Notre Dame, then follow the trail of Flamel enthusiasts until you find it. You can also use eagle vision to locate a lot of gears. Inside is a previously unreachable chest and an elixir of life, which you should give to Mlle Lenormand. With this, she will thank you and be on her way.

Using the Ol' Noggins

Madame Tussaud works with wax and masks to create such things for political figures, as she has decided to do this instead of being guillotined. Three of her heads have been stolen, however, and must be returned to her so she can finish her work and stay alive. One is in a bag at the floor of a podium in the middle of a large crowd; there are other bags in the area, but they'll all be incorrect. The other two heads are close together, but are protected with a key. Steal the key and a letter from two other politicians, then find the heads and return all three to Madame Tussaud.


A sans culottes leader is stalking Madame Tussaud, as he's very upset that she's still alive. Some radicals in the area are waiting for Mme Tussaud to return home; steal their orders from them and find the leader's location so you can kill him. He should be a very open person to reach and may be standing next to a large crowd that you can slip through.

Sewer Rat

A criminal with Assassin secrets is escaping through the sewers and will likely tell the Templars what he knows. Run into the sewers and use eagle vision to find him, then kill him. A ranged weapon would be preferable, as it will allow you to escape the sewers far faster.

À la Lanterne!

A duke has been killed for no reason, leaving his wife alone with only his necklace to remember him by. Walk with her as she slowly trods home and protect her from any incoming radicals that intend to kill her as well. The game may throw radicals in your way that aren't specific to the story; if these are engaged before the duchess is around them, it may provoke her to run over to them, somewhat speeding the story up.

The Great Escapist

A man in a café has created a rope-ladder that he used to escape the Bastille. He would very much like it back, as the ladder has now become famous, but he needs your help. Locate the quartermaster south of the Bastille and take the key from him, then use the fast travel point to drop into the Bastille's center courtyard. Climb into a window underneath the bridge-like structure in the middle and fight your way to the ladder, then take it back to the man to fulfill his wish.

Critical Comedown

Censors are preventing a particular playwright's work from reaching any sort of success. Find the critic who writes intentionally poor reviews of his work and, at the very least, steal the review from him. Up next is the chief censor, since he could easily get another censor to bash the same plays. He too isn't too far away; locate him and kill him, then escape the area to help the playwright's future.

Scene Stealer

A woman is in charge of certain actresses that get involved with important political folk; sometimes their secrets slip out, and then these secrets go into her records. The man here is interested in acquiring those secrets to aid the revolution. Walk into her hall and ascend a few floors to find the diary, then simply bring it back to the man for a reward.

Devilishly Tricky

Nearby fountains are rumored to be cursed by the Devil, who lures drinkers to their deaths. Drink from these three cursed fountains and follow the voices to uncover who's actually behind the trickery, then make sure they don't do it again.

My Kingdom for Some Whores

Note: This questline, ending with Sadistic Blackmail, will allow one of the murder mysteries to become available.

The Marquis de Sade is concerned for some courtesans who are treated poorly by their brothel's owner. He's particularly interested in fixing this so the prostitutes can join his little kingdom. Find the man about 250m away and kill him, but be aware that he's heavily guarded by both snipers and regular enemies.

De Sade's Reprieve

The Marquis has been given criminal charges and is headed for the guillotine. Find and take the judicial order calling for his beheading to save his life. He'll owe you one after this. One fast way of doing this is climbing the window on the X face of the building, as this puts you in the same hall the order is lying in. There'll be lots of soldiers in the hall, though, so be ready for a fight.

Sadistic Blackmail

The Marquis now wishes to blackmail all of his political enemies. Steal particular items of theirs for him. None of these items are well-guarded whatsoever, and some may have a few enemies around that you can completely avoid. The Marquis' political enemies really are incompetent.

The Cult of Baphomet

Note: This questline, ending with The Ritual of Baphomet, will allow access to one of the cockades.

A member of a cult worshipping the infamous Baphomet will allow you access to it as well, but you must first steal two chalices from Notre Dame. The chalices are on display in the middle and back end of the cathedral and are protected by a sprinkle of soldiers. Fight them off and take the chalices to the cultist, who will give you the password to enter their meeting place.

The Ritual of Baphomet

Templars have infiltrated the cult of Baphomet, which surely cannot be a good thing. Now that you've been granted entrance to the cult, enter their underground sanctum and search out the three Templar-cultists and kill them. It may be hard to leave this place when you've killed them, but at least you'll have access to one of the cockades.

La Bande Noire

La Bande Noire is holding an auction meant to scam people, or at least deceive them. The auctioneer is actually going to just sell a building to his friend. Follow someone who wants to put a stop to these auctions and defend him from incoming radicals when things turn violent. After the radicals are dead, it's safe to assume that these auctions won't be happening anymore.

Iscariotte, the Giant

There are rumors of a giant causing trouble in the Porte-Saint-Denis District. Speak to five witnesses to learn where Iscariotte resides, then enter his building from the roof and descend to his level. If you manage to sneak up on him, he will actually fall instantly to a hidden blade, eliminating any need for a fight.

Headlining the Guillotine

Dr. Guillotin, creator of the guillotine, is reasonably upset that the press is publishing negative articles about his invention. He asks you to do quite a bit of work to help him out. First, you must use the printing press in the nearby area to print some articles in favor of the guillotine. This can fortunately be done because the printer expects a new apprentice to arrive, but there are also radicals all throughout the printing press's location. Once you've printed out the articles, reach the three closest criers and face their backs to plant the new material on them.

A Fistful of Duelers

A master swordsman, the Chevalier d'Eon, will give you a test to fight several others around the district. Find them scattered about and draw first blood on each, then return to the Chevalier after winning against the first four opponents. Be aware that some won't take losing so easily. Conduct a duel against the Chevalier to prove your worthiness.

The League of the Crimson Rose

The Chevalier is suspicious of a man named Sir Reginald, who saves people from the guillotine. There's a plan to kill Sir Reginald at his home during a party; if you were to warn him of this ambush and help him escape his own death, he should be very grateful. This should be a great opportunity to find out more about his organization. Once you speak to some of his men and then Reginald himself, several dozen soldiers will pour into the courtyard in chunks. Take them out and you'll earn Sir Reginald's respect.

Return of the Crimson Rose

The Crimson Rose is out to save the Count de Choisy, who doesn't deserve the guillotine according to his standards. Find and investigate de Choisy's house for information as to where he is, then rescue him before it's too late.

Crimson Sunset

The Chevalier has discovered something about the Crimson Rose: He and the Count de Choisy, along with all of the people he rescues, are Templars. Find the members of the Crimson League at the docks and kill all five of them (stealthily would help make things less of a mess), then approach the Crimson Rose and take him out as well.

Flying Boy

A renowned mathematician may be up for the chopping block for his future experiments. When the test was run the first time, the subject was killed instantly, and for some great reason, the test is about to be run again. Fix the error per the mathematician's instructions to save a man's life.

Carmalite Nuns

Radicals are out to get a group of nuns being escorted by a set of soldiers. Travel along the path they're going to go on and kill every radical with the intent to attack (which is all of them, of course). After clearing the road, check on the nuns. If they're not moving, get closer to them so they continue their route to their destination.

Stop the Presses!

Articles slandering Mirabeau are appearing, and the publisher is unknown. Take down the three nearby posters accusing Mirabeau of being a traitor, all of which will be protected by radicals. Once you've taken them down, find the printing press being used to create these and prevent this from happening again by stealing the base documents and sabotaging the machinery.

Encyclopedie Diderot

A portion of the Encyclopedie Diderot contains a section on secret societies that may prove useful or harmful to the Assassins. Before you can "borrow" it from an owner, someone will have stolen the exact portion you're after. Chase him down and take the book from him, then kill his allies that come to his aid.

Désirée Desired

Napoléon's fiancée is under threat of attack. Travel with his companion Captain Bernadotte to Désirée's house, removing any radicals along the way, and then save her from the enemies within her house. After doing so, a horde of radicals will storm in; take care of them all so Désirée can meet with her fiancée. She might be interested in something else, though.

Désirée Dismayed

Napoléon rightfully is suspicious of Bernadotte's feelings towards his fiancée. You'll have to break into his house to find out if he really does hold these feelings. Since Bernadotte lives so far away, it would be wise to fast travel closer to it to save yourself some time. Find three notes that point to further action on Bernadotte's part and locate Napoléon to try to tell him about it. After some events pass, a few others in the restaurant will be a bit uneasy and will draw their blades, but they're not particularly powerful foes.

Désirée Delighted

Désirée has realized the error of her ways and wants you to track down Bernadotte for her. He'll be drinking just up the street and, due to his drunken stature, will walk very slow over to his lover. Once there, Désirée will ask you to take her love letters to Napoléon from his house so she can destroy them. Napoléon, talking to himself, will conveniently have his own thoughts on the matter, much to Désirée's liking. Once you take the letters to Désirée, some radicals will spot the pair and attack, as radicals do. Fight them off and let the two have their peace.

French Crown Jewels

Three of the Crown Jewels have been stolen by thieves. The jeweler in the district may know something about them, and in fact, he does. Find the man holding the most important of the three just outside his shop, then use the note on this thief to find the other two. Return them to the manager once you have all three.

Coat of Arms

Louis-Antoine de St. Just has ordered a coat made of a special material, but the maker refuses to hand it over until he knows what the material really is. Find the tannery used to create this leather and you'll find a man who will admit to the type of leather it was made from. Inform St. Just's servant and deal with his insistence about the coat, then find the tailor and let him know about the coat.

Swiss Stash

The Swiss banker Jacque Necker has had his valuables removed from his possession. Steal a letter from him that reveals where these valuables are, then take them all for yourself. Upon finding all four chunks of his fortune, return to Necker and give him some of it so he can return to Switzerland.

Vicious Verses

André Chénier, a poet, has been writing highly praised comedic verses, but to his distress, the last pieces of his work are locked away in his house. His house has, of course, been taken over by radicals. Find his dwelling and free it of radical influence, then recover the missing verses and bring them back to Chénier to save his legacy.

Arm the People

Theroigne de Méricourt is concerned about the Templars' new gunsmith, who has the knowledge to make very powerful weapons. Find and kill the gunsmith, then look for his four blueprints in the armory so the Templars won't be able to make any more of them.

"Escort" Mission

Theroigne wants to call prostitutes to her Women's Brigade. Find three groups of radical-guarded escort women and rescue them from their captivity, then tell them how to sign up. They'll all gladly join de Méricourt.

Cassini's Constellations

The Comte de Cassini has some writing he left in the Paris Observatory after having lost his position. He wants to leave Paris, as does everyone, but won't until these writings are back in his hands. Infiltrate the radical-infested observatory and find his three journals, then return them to him so he can leave in peace.

The Condorcet Method

Nicolas de Condorcet has had his writing stolen from those who wish to be more successful than he is. Find the men who took them and steal them back after taking care of the soldiers protecting them. Once you have them, return them to Condorcet so he can continue his successful career.

A Romantic Stroll

Napoléon wants to take a walk with Josephine, but radicals will naturally want to interrupt anything he does. You'll be in charge of killing the radicals. This is fortunately far easier to do than it sounds, as the pair will not actually start their walk until all ten enemies have been dealt with. Listen to Napoléon flounder about during the walk as a reward.

Signaling Officer Murat

One of Napoléon's officers wishes to fire upon the Chouan radicals, but they have two high-powered cannons. Fight through the radical forces and sabotage the cannons, then fire one of them to let Officer Murat know that he's safe to fire on them. There might not be a whole lot to fire on after you're done with the radicals, though.

A Nice Chappe

Royalists are trying to send a message to their foreign allies through signal towers. Bonaparte has caught word of this and wants you to sabotage their efforts once more. All four towers are heavily protected by soldiers, who will give you a rough time if you remain in the open for long. Consider using smoke or poison bombs to clear the ranks out faster if you're feeling threatened, as doing so will make your life a lot easier.

Precious Correspondence

Thomas-Alexandre Dumas has lost letters between himself and his family to the Templars. He would love to get them back, but they're heavily guarded by radicals. Consider reaching the letter far from a fast travel point first; that way you can reach the other two much faster. Each position has dozens of radicals posted at each one, so be careful and go in with a plan. Try to figure out where the letters are as soon as you can before you make an attack. Return the three letters to Dumas when all are safe.

The American Prisoner (DLC)

Note: This Paris Story is not part of the free DLC and is instead available in the Secrets of the Revolution Pack.

Thomas Paine, a writer of great importance (but not yet), has been taken prisoner. The Assassins are interested in retrieving one of his writings, The Rights of Man. Infiltrate the prison and find him on the top floor, writing away once more. He'll tell you that the prison's warden has made off with three of his works; he doesn't care what happens to The Rights of Man, but he does want his other two manuscripts back. Find them in the warden's house and give them back to him to make him satisfied, at least to some degree.

Constructing a "Close Shave"

An executioner and his boss have had their guillotine stolen and separated into four parts by radicals. They'd retrieve the pieces themselves, but the whole ordeal screams of a trap. Recover these pieces for them (but watch out for the dense amount of riflemen on the roofs) and return them to their rightful owners, then defend them from an ambush so they can get back to work.

Up in Arms

Radicals have sabotaged cannons to be used by Napoléon in an effort to ruin his future career as a captain. These cannons are being protected by radicals under Robespierre's orders; find each one and un-sabotage them so nothing bad happens under Napoléon's command.

Marianne Returns Home

A woman named Marianne has been kicked out of her home after the neighbors caused her parents to be executed. She wants to fight them and take her home back, so help train her by parrying three of her attacks. After she's ready, find her house and defeat all of the "neighbors". Marianne will slowly ascend up the floors, but you're free to run through the top, killing the enemies as you go to make the mission end faster.

The Little Prince

The son of King Louis XVI might actually be alive, but if he is, he's being held by Templars. Find him and kill every radical in the building he's being held in, then help him get to the docks. Once there, you'll be given some important information about the prince before you're paid and sent on your way.

Turtle, Snake, Bear, Paper, Scissors

Thugs calling themselves the Turtle, the Bear, and the Snake are messing around in the district, causing trouble for just about everyone. They all hang out around the marketplace in broad daylight, making them relatively easy targets when alone, but they're all surrounded by their own group of radicals. You'll have to fight through a lot of men to get to each one. Escape the area after killing the third member of the animal crew.

Tapestry Thief

A tapestry including fake Assassin information has been set in a shop nearby as Templar bait. Upon checking to see if the tapestry is still there, it will have just been stolen. Track down the thief and tail him to his boss, then kill the boss to finish the mission.

Cartouche's Memoirs

There's a man in the outskirts of Paris who claims to be the famous Assassin Cartouche. He will ask you to recover two of his memoirs that have been taken by Templars, as they hold Assassin knowledge that cannot be put into the wrong hands. Locate the two memoirs and fight off most of the Templars in their presence so you can reclaim them. Since there are many riflemen at each location, it would be wise to either take care of them first or chip away at a chunk of enemies from a more secluded location until you're able to shoot the riflemen safely. When you give the memoirs back to the old man, he will tell you some history and give you something of his in return.

The Chemical Revolution (DLC)

Note: This Paris Story is not part of the free DLC and is instead available in the Secrets of the Revolution Pack. It was also available as a pre-order bonus.

The wife of Antoine Lavoisier is concerned of his whereabouts, as he was about to test poison gases. Fast travel to the Panthéon to find the radical who regularly messes with Lavoisier and tail him for a good six minutes, because naturally, the pre-order bonus to this game is a tailing mission. Follow him to Lavoisier's location and save him from the radicals holding him there. He'll tell you that others have his poison gas formula and will go back home to his wife. Find the formula and attempt to steal it; this will go sour as soon as a pair of radicals so much as touch the poison bombs, causing the entire building to be a hazardous area. Escape through an upper window and return to the front of the building to find the guy who has the formula. Kill him to ensure that the recipe does not fall into the wrong hands, then inform Lavoisier that everything has been taken care of.

Last Will (DLC)

Suger, the architect of Franciade's basilica, has left his last will on his headstone. After a quick search in the tunnels, you will find that the headstone isn't there. Locate a nearby monk and have him lead you to it so you can learn what Suger's last will truly was.

The Eyes of the King (DLC)

When approaching this story, a group of cultists will attack you when you get close to them. They're all very easy to take down, fortunately. Search for three more iron-masked men for their keys, then open the room to determine who their Guest is - the one they've been waiting to return. The Guest will never be coming back, so take some loot with you as you leave the cult's chamber.

A Royal Hide (DLC)

There are some oddly-bound books appearing in Franciade. Investigate them and find the man responsible for them, then tail him and track him down so he no longer creates such terrible work. There won't be a lot of fighting throughout this story and it should be rather easy to complete.

The Unopened Rose (DLC)

A valuable rose scepter lies in the tomb of Marie de Medicis, who wished to be the last Queen of France. Look around the tomb for clues on how to get it open, resulting in some hints that a jeweler tried to get it open by sculpting the key necessary to open it. Take the key from him inside the catacombs and use it to open de Medicis's and collect the scepter for yourself.

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