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20. Social Club Missions

Social club missions are unlocked after renovating a social club, turning it to the Assassins' control. Finishing all of these is required for a trophy. Each finished mission reduces the amount of enemies in the district it's related to, making them very important early-game missions.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Social Club Missions

Bridge Brigands

The four bridges in the Palais de Justice District are being shaken down by thugs trying to make a quick buck. Killing them sounds a bit extreme, but it's what the Assassins want you to do. There isn't really a quick way of planning out which bridge to tackle first as you'll be moving in a rectangular path either way, but it goes without saying that you should start with the bridge nearest you. Each civilian thug on their respective bridge is protected by about two enemies.

Marat's Missive

Your objective this time is simply to steal a letter. Reach the area the letter should be in and use eagle vision to search for the guy who has it. If you can, kill the carrier without him knowing something's wrong so you can get to the letter without having to chase him. If you do end up chasing him, it won't matter that much anyway, as he won't run very long before turning around to fight you.

Let Them Eat Hay

Go figure, someone has been hoarding food. In fact, it's a team of six this time. Kill all six (their unmarked companions aren't required) and free open their stocks for everyone.

Cat Food on a Hot Tin Roof

Food hoarders are resorting to carrying their haul across rooftops to avoid detection. The man in charge has four lieutenants overseeing the operation. Assassinate all four of them to disrupt the flow.

Hoarding Hostages

Perhaps connected to Let Them Eat Hay, some farmers have been taken hostage by food hoarders. There are four farmers all being held by several radicals. Free all four and leave the area to make sure the farmers are saved for certain.

Café Procope

Some of Robespierre's allies are gathering to meet at Café Procope. Kill all three of them since you have the chance. You can easily get to all three of the enemies before they gather together, so there's no need to wait around.

Roux's Remains

A vile man named Roux is having his lieutenant rile up a crowd. It isn't worth your time to deal with the mass of radicals in the area the lieutenant is in, so it's best to just run in there, kill the lieutenant, and then run away. The lieutenant won't put up a fight, so this should be rather easy to do.

An Engaging Egyptologist

New fragments of the Rosetta Stone are ready for translation, but the radicals have all three pieces. Take the pieces back and escape the area so they can be properly looked at. For each new area, you may want to prioritize the snipers/riflemen, as they hit much harder than they look if they're kept unchecked.

Artful Dodger

An art thief is in the area. He's fortunately not as tough to take down as some other major figures like himself, as he's just a standard brute in a loosely packed area. Find him and kill him to stop his thievery.

A Dramatic Exit

A noble who uses his power to take from others is hosting a performance nearby. Kill him during his little party to send a message to anyone else with the same idea.

Breaking the Habit

There's a thug leader who won't stop messing with nuns. Finding him is very easy, as he's already marked, and assuming you're approaching him from the direction of the social club (why wouldn't you be?), you can just shoot.

Extortion Contortion

A group of extortionists have been harassing local citizens for money in exchange for their livelihoods. Speak with three townsfolk and they'll tell you about the extortionists. After the third conversation, a woman will offer to show you where the leader is. Follow her and find the leader on your own, then kill him and leave the area to solve the district's problems.

Chouan Riddles

It appears the Chouans have some intel that the Assassins may find useful. Fight the radicals protecting the Chouan house and pick the lock to get inside, then look upstairs for a riddle on a table. The answer to the riddle is the clock near the fireplace downstairs. Some new radicals will walk into the house as you're coming downstairs, though, so get ready for another fight. After taking the key from behind the clock, go back upstairs and open the Chouans' chest for their intel, then flee the scene to secure it for the Assassins.

Bara's Funeral

Joseph Bara, a hero to the revolution, is having his procession disrupted by radicals. Fight them off as the body approaches the funeral, then fend off one final attack after a short speech is made. When enough chaos has ensued at the funeral itself, escape the scene to finish the mission.

Retribution for a Rabble-Rouser

Someone with power has been advocating for political execution, and successfully too. Being a man of politics and someone who has done bad things, it only makes sense that he too be executed. There are far too many enemies around him for it to be worth fighting them all, so make it a quick in-and-out assassination. Most of the enemies are of different factions, meaning you should be able to run away without a crowd following you.

The Black Office

Rumors are spreading of a "black office". Proof of its existence and activities remains to be seen, but there are three spies that are definitely up to something. Two are in the same building on different floors, making for a convenient set of kills, and the third is a woman walking around outside. She will be far more vulnerable compared to the other two.

Betrayer of the Queen

The man who exposed Marie Antoinette's escape attempt is having an honorary event thrown for him, meaning that he'll be there. Wait for him to be called to the stage and kill him from within the crowds, then run away before any of his more violent fans get a hold of you.

Spiked Bourbon

Four Templar politicians are just walking around the Palais Bourbon. It's a great time to go and kill four Templars. Travel to the palace and look for the Templars, then kill them and escape the area.

Special Delivery

Something is amiss and mail coach robberies are on the rise. Reach a group of soldiers and steal a package from them, then take it to another group near the military complex. One will accidentally mention the name of the guy running the robberies, giving you a target to kill. Find him within the complex and kill him to stop these crimes from happening.

Smoky Yet Robust

Chouans are burning the vineyards of those who don't agree with them. Reach a vineyard nearby and interrupt their doing-so again by killing all 13 radicals involved.

Safe and Secure

Perform all Social Club missions in a district.

Safe and Secure
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Renovate all the Social Clubs and complete all the Social Club missions.

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