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19. Helix Rifts

At certain points in the story, you'll be sent into different time periods for a brief while as you escape Abstergo's server sweep and jump into another, safer one. After each instance of this in the main story, you'll be able to partake in data-collecting side missions based on these time periods. There are two from the Belle Èpoque, three from Occupied Paris, and two in the Medieval period. If you surpass a certain threshold in a rift, you'll get a bonus added to your pay. You'll want to get this bonus at least three times for a trophy. This is obviously done the fastest by playing the Belle Époque rifts over again.

Saving a fellow Assassin in these rifts will grant you more data (and in turn more money) as well as some intel on Abstergo, of which there are 2-3 per rift. You can keep track of how much of this intel you have in the progress tracker. Collecting all of this intel from a set of rifts will give you a memento in the Café Théâtre to commemorate your accomplishment.

There are also several artifact collectibles in each rift that are available to everyone after a patch made them accessible without the phone app and the Initiates program. Collecting these is entirely optional, but does increase your completion percentage and rewards you with the robes of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, the playable Assassin from the first entry in the series. Only one artifact will appear per play of a rift, and it may even be one that you've already obtained, so collecting them all will actually take more attempts than there are artifacts in a rift. It may take 10-20 restarts per rift if you're unlucky, but load times for the rifts are fortunately very quick. Details on finding these artifacts can be found below. Videos on their locations are also included in the playlist link.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Helix Rifts & Artifacts

Note: Since there isn't really much to say on completing a rift in terms of collecting data, all there is to say about these missions are the locations of their artifacts. As such, that's what will be focused on here. Again, only one artifact will appear per run, so if you're not finding one particular artifact, look for the others that you don't have yet before restarting the mission. The game will save an artifact as soon as you collect it, making it possible to restart the mission after finding one. Unobtained artifacts will appear with eagle vision, but ones that aren't there or are already obtained will not appear. The numbering system used for the artifacts is completely made up; you don't need to collect them in a certain order, but they're numbered to make keeping track of them easier.

Belle Époque - Data Harvest

In this rift, assume the Eiffel Tower and the exit portal are in the northeast corner of the map. This will make your starting point around the map's center. A bit northwest of your starting point is a courtyard, where you'll be able to find the first (1/4) Artifact in the southeast corner of said courtyard. The second (2/4) Artifact is northwest of the courtyard at roof level and is on a flat wall facing west. This may be hard to see until you approach it or until you use eagle vision to check if it's there.

At ground level, run south along the west edge of the map and look for a small crevice between two buildings. A large wooden wheel should be at its entrance. The third (3/4) Artifact should be inside this small area. The last (4/4) Artifact is also fairly easy to get to. When starting the mission, turn around and jump into the hay below, then run south and look up at the rooftops. The artifact should be directly south of the exit portal.

Belle Époque - Tornado

The starting point for this rift is on the set of buildings south of the ones you started on in Data Harvest. You'll still be in the middle of the map, but you'll just be further from the exit portal. All four artifacts will appear very close to the starting area. To start, go west and circle around the rooftops until they start going south. Use eagle vision to check if the first (1/4) Artifact appears on one of the roof walls, facing south. If not, drop down into the hay in the courtyard below and look east for the second (2/4) Artifact on a wall.

The other two artifacts are to the north and are near the courtyard where the first Data Harvest artifact appeared. Go north from the starting point along the rope connecting the rooftops and then drop into the courtyard. There's a small alleyway north of the courtyard's grassy area that leads west and east. The third (3/4) Artifact will appear at the east end of this alley and the fourth (4/4) Artifact will appear on the west side. If you're looking from the roofs if the fourth artifact is there, don't; the draw distance for artifacts is not adequate enough for you to do this, so just drop to ground level and run over to where it should be.

Occupied Paris - Data Harvest

All three rifts in Occupied Paris contain only three artifacts each for a total of nine. For this rift, there's a restaurant and a café in the middle of the tower; assume the restaurant is to the north and the café is to the east, making the starting point the southeast corner.

The closest (1/3) Artifact to the starting position is on the blimp to the west, and it's on the back fin facing south. You should be able to see it from the blimp you start on. The second (2/3) Artifact is on the windows of the restaurant, and the third (3/3) Artifact is on the blimp to the north. It too is on the back fin, but it's facing north to remain more hidden.

Occupied Paris - Tower

This rift takes place in the same map, but the blimps are gone and soldiers are spread out across the walkways. Continue to assume the restaurant is to the north, making your starting point the northeast corner. The closest (1/3) Artifact this time is on the café at what's closest to be "ground level", so by the café's front doors. The second (2/3) Artifact can be found on the west side of the tower on some boxes, with the artifact facing outward. The third (3/3) Artifact is just like the second, only it's on the south side of the tower.

Occupied Paris - Covert

This final rift is on a different map. Since it's a new field, you'll want to orient yourself yet again. As with the Belle Époque, assume the exit portal is in the northeast corner. In the southeast corner is a little guard post, which is where you'll find an (1/3) Artifact if you check the post's south face. Another (2/3) Artifact will be on some boxes facing the western wall. These boxes should be south of a row of tanks. The last and arguably easiest to find (3/3) Artifact is in the absolute northeast corner and should be visible when approaching the exit portal (assuming the current run has decided to place this artifact there at all, of course).

Medieval - Quarry

The Medieval rifts are conveniently far easier to manage, although they can be troublesome as maps. Since you start this rift in a cave and can only move linearly out of it until you hit the battlefield, there's no need to find a certain orientation. The first (1/4) Artifact will actually be just past the first wooden wall in the mission; after jumping over the pole in front of you and through the next small little passageway, look left to find where it appears. After climbing a vertical surface to get to some infinitely collapsing boulders, the second (2/4) Artifact will be on the flat edge of the first cliff used for cover on the right. The third (3/4) Artifact is also on the right and is placed on the wall of the wooden outpost set up on the far right wall. This will appear very shortly after passing the second artifact's location. When exiting the quarry as you head to the battlefield, immediately stop and look to the right (eagle vision helps) to find a well-hidden (4/4) Artifact tucked away at the tunnel's exit.

Medieval - Battlefield

There are fortunately only three artifacts on the battlefield. Since the exit portal is at the end of the bridge ahead, it only makes sense to consider that to be north. This makes your starting position the southeast corner.

One (1/3) Artifact should appear on the wooden tower to the east; you should be able to just look in that direction and you'll be able to see it. Another (2/3) Artifact is at the base of the tower in the "middle" of the battlefield. This may be difficult to judge. If you cross the rope from your starting position and then move from this second tower to the shorter structure north of it, you should be able to see the artifact on the central tower get drawn into view. It's within this distance that the artifact is in range to be seen, so if you don't see it there, another artifact has spawned.

The last (3/3) Artifact is at the base of a tower northwest of the secondary tower's wooden structure to the north of it, mentioned earlier. A rope connects it to this tower. You can also identify this tower as being southwest of the middle tower.

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Earn Data Bonuses in 3 different Helix Rifts.

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Complete all Rift missions.

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