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18. Co-Op Heists

Heists aren't as important as co-op missions, but playing them right rewards you with a lot of money. There are only seven heists in the base game, with one more added from the free DLC. Finishing all co-op missions and heists rewards you with trophies. In a heist, you're given a set reward for completing the mission along with a bonus depending on how much you've remained undetected. Money, in the long run, is overly abundant compared to what you actually need, so there's no need to pull off a perfect heist.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Co-Op Heists

Tithing Templars

Templars are using the sewers of an old building to push some artifacts they've stole out of the Notre Dame. There's an entrance to the tunnels very close to where you start out, so use that and the mini-map to determine where to go. Once you have the artifacts, leave the sewers whichever way you deem to be the fastest to claim your reward.

Catacomb Raider

During the revolution, a church was turned into a warehouse, and Templars took many of the church's artifacts for themselves. Just like before, the treasure is being held underground, but it's much harder to reach undetected. The maximum bonus isn't worth trying to stay hidden anyway, so just push further towards the relic and leave with it as soon as you can.

The Party Palace

Templars are once again trying to smuggle valuables into their hands, this time using the Palais Royal. You can access the building through an open window on the ground floor within the courtyard. Once inside, go up to the higher floor and head to the treasure so you can take it for yourself.

Royals, Guns and Money

Royalists have piled up a lot of resources for a coup inside a hotel. It'd be a problem if their money went out the window (with you). To spice things up, there are now three chests, with only one containing the loot you're after. What's giving the real chest away? Well, nothing; you'll likely have to visit each chest with the hopes that you're opening the correct one. If you're not focusing on stealth, the mission will pass a lot faster, as you'll be able to reach each chest relatively easily if everyone's dead.

Smuggler's Paradise

Nobody likes being around the poor districts of any city, which is why it's a great place to do some smuggling. There are massive amounts of enemies around all three chests here, and most deadly among them are the riflemen. Try to single them out first to make the area far safer than it would otherwise be, then go in for the rest of the enemies and kill them until you eventually recover the goods.

Ancient History

As per usual, there's some valuable stuff in a chest, and you're going to want to take it from people you don't like. As if it wasn't annoying enough, your Assassin contact will put a fourth chest in the heist and still call it "Assassin training", so you've got that to look forward to. In my experience, the correct chest is always the last; either I have bad luck, or the game was designed to be as tedious as possible in single-player mode.

It Belongs in a Museum

Nobles (finally, a different party) are hoarding their wealth and the wealth of others in Luxembourg Palace. Try to find the correct chest out of a total of four once again. As with the other previous heists, it's best to kill the riflemen around the palace first so you can take it easy when you're outside, but if you don't plan on being outside for very long, then don't bother. The fights from inside the palace, although against many enemies, will be cramped enough to the point that you shouldn't be overburdened with enemies. Use this to your advantage and remember to use smoke bombs and poison bombs when necessary.

Holy High Rollers (DLC)

This is a surprisingly easy heist. Just stick to the right side of the abbey and hop through a tree so you can reach the rooftops, then enter a window on the higher floors and start to work your way down until you reach the money. Once you have it, simply return to the rooftops in the same way you get to the chest, but run north when you escape. This will put you right above a haystack outside of the abbey, ending the heist as soon as you fall into it (assuming you're undetected upon landing).

Visited Once

Complete all Co-op and Heist missions in Paris at least once.

Visited Once


Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once.


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