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16. Sequence 13 (DLC)

Sequence 13 begins as soon as you reach Franciade for the first time. You'll gain free-roaming ability after finishing the first memory, but more stuff to do will open up to you as you progress through the story.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 13

Sequence 13-1: Buried Words

  • Don't get into conflict
  • Cover kills (2)

Arno will meet with the Marquis de Sade about an arrangement to get him out of Paris on a ship to Egypt. The deal is for Arno to acquire a manuscript that the Marquis has taken an interest to. Sounds simple enough. Run toward the basilica at the objective marker and ignore the assistance opportunity; it'll only send a handful of allies to fight the soldiers out front and they likely won't win without your intervention, but you can't intervene or you'll forfeit the first optional objective. Simply run past the front entrance on your left and climb up towards the distraction opportunity marker, an organ. Wait for a soldier up top to pass before killing him and playing the organ.

With that done, many soldiers inside the church will move toward the front, near where the organ is. Slip around to the backside of the church and kill any enemies you come across, then wait for an opening and slip into the underground entrance when the coast is clear. When you open a locked door ahead, the first optional objective will clear and you'll now be able to engage in combat without penalty. Use eagle vision and locate the tomb with the Templar marking on it and watch as a cutscene unfolds, leaving a lone enemy in the room with you. Follow him until gravity takes hold of him and pick up his lantern for future use. He's also got a map to a list of relics taken from the underground.

The lantern can be filled with oil from oil jars to produce light. The light scares bats and bugs on walls away from you, but it can also attract enemies if it's turned on. Practice holding cn_LSc to toggle the flame and then proceed through the caves to the surface. With the fallen man's map, head to the abbey and construe for yourself at least two cover kills, which you can do inside and outside the building. Sneak or fight through the abbey until you find the list of relics (and the name Lèon), then escape from the abbey.

You should now aim to at least sync with the three viewpoints in Franciade so the map is fully visible.

Sequence 13-2: The Book Thief

  • Don't get into conflict
  • Perfect parries (5)

Upon investigating where Léon is, a woman named Madame Margot will tell you where he was yesterday and that he should really come home. Investigate the windmill's back to find another underground entrance. When you find a group of raiders, remain out of conflict and continue deeper into the tunnels until you eventually find Léon. Napoléon will arrive with a special key before making an exit. Your first optional objective should end here, allowing for combat for the rest of the memory.

Save Léon from his cell and you'll be told about the raider groups. When a group has a raider leader, the group will disband if the leader is killed. You will have to kill at least 15 raider leaders for a trophy, which will easily come naturally when exploring the tunnels later for collectibles.

Freedom Fighter

Kill 15 Raider leaders.

Freedom Fighter
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Léon will pull a guillotine gun out from behind a crevice (he stole it recently) and give it to you. Your next group of enemies that you come across should be around six total and the game will teach you how to launch a mortar from the gun. Do this to kill five enemies at once for a trophy. If you miss or fail this, simply reload the checkpoint until you get it right.

Reign Of Terror

Kill 5 enemies at the same time with a Guillotine Gun.

Reign Of Terror
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After this, you'll be given a new optional objective to perfectly parry five attacks. Since this is Sequence 13, you should have plenty of experience with this already. Find any enemy and keep him alive until your parrying is complete. Continue following Léon until you arrive near a meeting between Napoléon and his lieutenant. This results in Léon getting upset with your ideals, causing him to run away once more. When you arrive at a large room requiring two slabs to be activated, look for one on the ground and then climb upwards to find the other. With both slabs activated, return to the ground and climb up from the inside of the large pillar to get back to the surface. Léon has gone back home to his orphanage, so find him there and get that manuscript.

Outposts unlock after this memory - for each of these, you must kill three officers in a marked area to remove the outpost. There are three of these and you may as well get them over with now, as they create a large notoriety field in each region.


Free every outpost in Franciade.

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Sequence 13-3: A Shadow From the Past

  • Pass over/under objects

When returning to the bar, Arno believes he's seen Élise running away from him in the distance. Chase after her, then speak with Madame Margot when she finds you. She'll convince Arno to help Léon out; after all, he won't be leaving for three more days.

After this memory ends, you'll be introduced to Suger's Legacy. Apparently, a sword blessed by the power of God resides underneath his church, and the only way to get to it is to understand the clues scrawled down from days long gone. These puzzles are similar to the Nostradamus Enigmas, so they're nothing too out of the ordinary if you've done those already. You must solve two of the seven puzzles to continue.

Suger's Legacy: III - Diabolus

Since this puzzle is required for the story, you'll get green circles to help you determine where the symbols are. This is a special case for only these two puzzles. Look south immediately from the area you're standing on and you should find a glowing goat statue hanging off the main structure. The second symbol is much farther away, but at least you have a marker for it. Climb the building it's on from the front until you reach the top of the first roof. A small brick with a pentagram will be sticking out, and this is where the second symbol is. The last one is on the south side of the building from exactly where you are. Drop down there and inspect the door next to the glowing statue to finish the riddle.

Suger's Legacy: V - Crux

The first is a small cross at the base of the windmill. The second is another cross, hence the title of the puzzle. You may need to stand on the broken wall in front of the cross to properly interact with it. The third cross is made of a much thinner metal and may be hard to see without eagle vision. Since you're given a green radius of where it could be, it shouldn't take too long anyway.

Sequence 13-4: Raising the Dead

  • Don't get into conflict
  • Air assassinations (1)

After finding the three plates from the drawings, you'll get a map of the caverns. Use the entrance in the basilica again and reach the big cave that the raiders have found. Without being detected, you'll have to solve the two puzzles in the lower rooms of both sides of the cave. You can try to use phantom blades to kill raider leaders, but be aware that not all enemies are tied to a leader, so you can't just run around willy-nilly if you kill all of the leaders. You also shouldn't kill everyone, as you need to perform an air assassination here later.

In the room on the left, you'll find four slabs on the ground. Interact with the spirit in the room to reset the puzzle. Ordering from left to right, the leftmost slab being 1, use the slabs in the order of 3124. In the room on the right, interact with the spirit to reset the puzzle again, then use your lantern to light the fire right in front of the oil jar. This is the base of the cross pattern that you must create with the flames. Swim to the oil jar on the other side of the room and refill your lantern, then finish the cross without lighting any of the other torches. Your first optional objective will finish after completing both puzzles, allowing for combat if necessary.

Return to the large room and perform at least one air assassination, then find the big pillar in the room and drop into the last puzzle's area. You need to simply use the slabs for each pillar until you hear a ding noise, signaling that it's at the right height. Climb out of the room when the pillars are correct and examine the door in the large cave to finish the memory.

Sequence 13-5: Under Lock and Key

  • Rooftop enemies killed (3)
  • Headshots (2)

Now that the door is working properly, you need Napoléon's key to get to whatever lies inside. Tail his lieutenant and kill three snipers on the roof along the way; this should be easy if you immediately head for the roof, as there are four very early on. If you lose track of the lieutenant, he will conveniently stop moving until you find him again with eagle vision. Reach the marked tunnel after you confront him, then try to perform at least two headshots. Phantom blades will allow you to do this quietly, but feel free to just use your pistol if you run out of the former.

The two opportunities here are polar opposites. Killing a preaching raider leader will cause all of the raiders to freak out and dissipate, whereas stealing their loot from a chest will cause them to riot and attack. You should really just kill the marked raider leader to remove dozens of enemies from the board. Locate the raiders' main office and take the key from within, then escape to the surface.

Sequence 13-6: A Crown of Thorns

  • Double assassinations
  • Attacks parried (3)

To start this memory, go underground using the entrance to the basilica, which you've used a few times now. This is the building that holds the Basilica District's viewpoint.

Things start off well with you being sent down into the waters below as the raiders start exploring the area you opened up for them. Léon will throw your lantern down toward you. Pick it up and swim over to the oil jar in this area, then climb around as you look for the first of two slabs. Continue climbing until you pass through some water; when this happens, jump into the small window and drop to the floor in order to find the second slab. Drop down to the oil jar and fill your lantern up, then climb straight up from the oil jar to get right back where you were. It won't be long until you catch up with the raiders.

The first optional objective is going to be far easier than it sounds. By killing ONLY raider leaders, the rest of the raiders should run away into a little pile. Perform two double assassinations on them and you'll get the objective out of the way almost immediately. You don't need to fight the rest of the raiders in the cave if you don't want to, so if you'd like to speed through the memory, run towards Rose to trigger a cutscene.

Rose is naturally going to be very upset that there's yet another door barring him from his treasure. When fighting him and his allies, parry at least three attacks before killing Rose. His death will end the battle, so make sure that you parry enemies sooner rather than later. After this, you'll be given one final fire puzzle. As with before, numbering from left to right with the leftmost torch being 1, light these torches in the order of 2431 to push the skull upwards. Climb up to it and use its power to escape the cave.

Arno will give the Marquis de Sade the manuscript he wanted as he decides what to do with the artifact and his life. The credits here are 15 minutes long without fast-forwarding, and the memory truly ends after the credits do.

Piece Of Eden

Complete Memory Sequence 13.

Piece Of Eden
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For finishing all of the DLC content - both missions and collectibles - you will earn another trophy. You can find information on these new tasks in their respective pages.

Hydrogen Bonded

Achieve 100% synchronization in Dead Kings.

Hydrogen Bonded
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