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15. Sequence 12

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 12

Sequence 12-1: The Supreme Being

  • Alarm bells sabotaged (1)
  • Don't let Élise get detected

Élise wants to take down Robespierre the way a Templar does, which is by rendering him useless and taking everything they have away from him. First, you'll need some damning evidence to revoke his authority. Use the in-game marker to locate a tent and kill as many soldiers in this area as you can so you can disarm the alarm bell, then enter the tent and look for a book with some papers under it. These papers are what you're looking for: a list of politicians that Robespierre wants to outright kill.

Return to Élise and protect her as she tampers with some nearby drinks. You want to make sure she isn't detected, which is surprisingly easy to do if you just immediately start fighting every marked enemy (the others don't matter, but may get in the way). Smoke bombs or stun bombs can help incapacitate enemies so you can swing at them more easily.

When the wine has been poisoned, it'll be time to slip the three papers into the pockets of three politicians attending the event. Sneak behind each one, killing enemies if necessary, until all three are in place. Robespierre's power will stumble down very shortly afterward.

Sequence 12-2: The Fall of Robespierre

  • Don't get into conflict
  • Lockpick doors (1)

It appears your methods were a bit too effective - Robespierre is set to be executed, but you need to get to him beforehand to learn Germain's location. Use eagle vision to find stray soldiers to point you in Robespierre's direction, then take to the roofs when he starts running away. From this point onward until the very end of the memory, you must remain entirely undetected, and this is why you must use the rooftops. When Robespierre reaches a nearby palace, you'll be placed on a specific rooftop with a new optional objective to pick a door's lock. Again, you need to remain undetected.

There are obviously many paths you can theoretically take to reach Robespierre's room, but you'll find here the path I found to be the most direct and least confusing. Since the cardinal directions aren't exactly at our favor for describing this, consider the entrance to be the front (of course) and head to the left wall (on your right). Climb up it without being detected and move a little way along the roof until you come across a sniper overlooking two soldiers on a balcony. Kill the sniper and descend to a closer balcony so you can fire a berserk blade into the elite one wearing a hat so they can fight each other.

If all goes well, the two enemies will take care of each other, with the survivor of the fight eventually dying by the berserk poison. If other enemies take part in the fight, then the remaining berserk enemy/enemies will not die, as they're not in a peaceful state. You'll have to use phantom blades to finish them off before descending to their balcony. Use eagle vision and locate a brute near the only locked door in the palace; the brute may not be here depending on whether he joined the berserk fight outside, however.

Pick the lock and use eagle vision again to find a brute, an elite, and a spearman all in the room in front of Robespierre's door. The spearman is sleeping, so he's not a direct threat. Stand far from the entrance into the room in such a way that you get the brute's attention and he enters the room you just picked the door into. When he enters the room, don't go for a cover kill; the elite may notice and get you into conflict, forcing you to start from the beginning of the infiltration. Instead, wait for the brute to walk into the room and assassinate him normally. Then use eagle vision and wait for the elite to turn his back towards you before killing him, then follow up with the spearman. Burst into Robespierre's room to finish this tough stealth mission.

Sequence 12-3: The Temple

  • Alarm bells sabotaged (2)
  • Double air assassinations (3)

All of the targets you've pursued have culminated to this very moment. A lot of your time in the mission may actually come from the optional objectives, as double air assassinations are very situational in most cases. You should actually just run around the enemy area first and look for any two thugs just standing around on the corner of a street so you can air assassinate them first. Doing that actually counts and it'll knock one out of the way quickly. When you've exhausted that as an option, use eagle vision to find other pairs and work past the walls so you can get to them. Sabotaging the alarm bells is standard affair and should be self-explanatory. When you've finished both optional objectives, scale the temple in the middle of the area to find Germain.

Germain will have found the things Jacques de Molay ordered to be hidden away, which means he has a book and the Sword of Eden. He has incredible power with the sword and will fire lightning at you when he sees you. He can also summon lightning from above to shock you if you stay still after he does a sweep of the area. Slip to a new area of cover whenever he turns his back and go in for an assassination, causing him to completely vanish. Buy more medicine if you happen to be extremely low, then follow the marker to an underground tunnel and find the cave he fled into.

Élise will meet you at the cave entrance and will distract Germain while you attack him. Stay behind cover when you can, then run out and try to assassinate him to inflict some damage. Repeat this process as you avoid his attacks until Germain has been brought down. The game's final cutscenes will play out here and the 30-minute credits should be skippable.

Curtain Call

Complete Memory Sequence 12.

Curtain Call
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I Want It All

Complete all Single Player mission challenges in Paris.

I Want It All

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