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14. Sequence 11

Sequence 11 begins immediately after Sequence 10, and all three memories here take place consecutively. If you do not have the poison gas skill, you can always replay the first memory later.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 11

Sequence 11-1: Bottom of the Barrel

  • Cherry bomb lures (4)
  • Poison kills (2)

Arno will wake up with a hangover as he tries to piece together what happened; he's misplaced his pocketwatch once again and must find it. He first recalls stealing a barrel of wine, which puts you in this memory. Use a cherry bomb as soon as you get behind a wall near one of the many enemies here, then do so again when things have quieted down. After that, focus on reaching a small barrel of wine. This recollection of last night will end as soon as you pick up the barrel, so it's not worth your time to kill a whole lot of people.

Return in real-time to the bar you got kicked out of to trigger another flashback about a "bar fight" (you'll be using your sword). Defeat the enemies that attack you and you'll be sent out of the bar afterward before returning to Arno's present. One of the men from last night will conveniently be in the bar right now, but he'll run away as soon as he sees you. Chase after him and make him tell you where his boss is.

You'll automatically be placed in the palace that the leader is supposedly inside of. For your next optional objective, just run straight through several rooms until you have lots of radicals swarming around you, then drop some poison gas. Wait until the effect completely wears off all existing enemies before dropping your second one, then wait until you have two poison kills before taking care of the survivors. Push through each room of the palace (the path to the front should be very linear) to find the gang leader. Ironically, if Arno had just walked to the front of the palace - where he already almost was - he wouldn't have had to fight through the entire building just to get outside.

Kill the gang leader and search the body for the pocketwatch. Arno will be getting a few things back after this memory ends.

Sequence 11-2: Rise of the Assassin

  • Cover kills (4)
  • Headshots (3)

When arriving at la Touche's general area, you'll want to first take care of your four cover kills. Do this with the aid of cherry bombs and other tactics if necessary. This is your first priority, as headshots can be performed on just about anyone whereas cover kills are obviously far more situational. It goes without saying that you should afterward perform your three headshots on any three enemies that you can find next.

There are two opportunities for this assassination, as is the case with every other assassination up to this point. One to the left of the stage la Touch is speaking on is a sheet covering a stash of food; pull the sheet away to cause the crowd to dismantle from its regular shape, which in turn should also reduce the enemy alert area significantly. On the other side of the stage is a set of prisoners waiting to be executed. Take the key from a nearby enemy and slip into the cage. Arno will pretend to be cuffed as you walk right up to la Touche for an easy approach. Killing him reveals his backstory to you, as well as another Templar associate, Maximilien Robespierre.

Server Bridge: The Bastille

One final server sweep from Abstergo pushes you to leave to another server to avoid detection. Enter the portal that appears to reach the medieval era, the time of Jacques de Molay, and traverse through the simulation to reach the exit portal as you've done before. After this bridge, all Helix Rift missions should be unlocked and available.

Down But Not Out in Assassin's Creed Unity
Silver Trophy
Complete Memory Sequence 11.
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