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13. Sequence 10

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 10

Sequence 10-1: A Dinner Engagement

  • Double assassinations (2)
  • Brutes driven berserk (2)

Arno and Élise come to the Marquis de Sade for information on their next target, Louis-Michel le Peletier. There aren't a whole lot of Templar conspirators remaining now. The Marquis suggests that le Peletier likes to visit a specific café, and with that information, no time is wasted on preparing for his assassination.

The diversions for this assassination are incredibly useful this time around, and it's suggested that you take part in them to make things easier. First, however, are the optional objectives. There should be a pair of two guards standing in front of the crowd outside of the palace gates; use them to get rid of your first double assassination, then walk slowly through the crowd until you reach some columned archways. Don't walk through, but instead look at a standard enemy, who should be on your left. A brute will make his way back and forth between him and the other end of the courtyard, so wait for him to get close to the standard guard and perform your second double assassination when the time is right.

Le Peletier should be positioned at one end of the red area on your map on a higher floor. That means the entirety of the ground floor, both inside and outside of the palace, is yours to conquer. Reduce the enemy count to nothing by whatever means necessary, but make sure you use berserk blades on two brutes as you do so. You should find a bottle of wine to steal and a woman that you can bribe. Take the wine and pay her the 4,000 livres (nothing if you've been making good money from the Café Théâtre). She'll leave the window open for you, giving you instant access to the floor le Peletier is on. Stealthily make it past all of his guards and into the room he's sitting in.

Le Peletier is enjoying some quality time with his daughter. Since you're already here, you can obviously just shoot him in the head or go straight into combat if you desire, but you can also try the more elusive method. Slip into the back room on the other side of the café and wait until a waiter asks you to deliver some wine. Hide behind the wine counter, then place your poisoned drink down on the platter and watch as le Peletier drinks it. He'll send his daughter home and walk towards your end of the room, but he'll have some final words to say before you kill him.

Sequence 10-2: The Execution

  • Kill snipers (2)
  • Stun guards (5)

Despite the couple's best efforts, the Templars have had their way and the king is about to be beheaded. Germain is going to attend the event, of course, so the two will travel there to make an attempt on his life. Your first action should be to look for at least two sniper towers so you can kill the snipers on top of them. Be aware that there are an intense amount of soldiers in the area, so returning to an incognito state may be difficult after pulling this off. This must be done before finding Germain, who will be on the west side of the area in a big wooden tent-like structure.

Germain, almost expecting your arrival, will simply order his men on you and drive away in his carriage. Wait until you're surrounded by multiple enemies before dropping one of your (likely) precious few stun bombs so you can capture more men in the blast at once. Don't use your other one here, as stunning the same enemy twice will not continue the optional objective. Instead, kill this group and continue escaping with Élise until you find another group to stun. Chase after Germain when Élise has been deemed safe until you reach his carriage.

10-3: Council Debriefing

Note: To make the optional objectives of Sequence 11-1 easier, purchase the poison gas bomb skill before starting this memory.

It's been a while since Arno has actually taken instruction from the council. The council will decide what to do with you after your progress and work towards taking down Germain.

Love And Duty

Complete Memory Sequence 10.

Love And Duty
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