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12. Sequence 09

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 09

Sequence 9-1: Starving Times

  • Don't touch the water
  • Don't trigger any alarms

Arno and Élise will meet at a table and set up a plan for the next Templar target, Marie Levesque. She's been hoarding all of the food to cause more revolution amongst the populace. Since Élise is familiar with Templar matters, she will track down Marie's location while you figure out where the grain has gone. Locate a ship that suspiciously doesn't dock where it's supposed to and follow it until it stops; make sure you don't drop into the water per an optional objective.

Marie will mention some orders to the leader of this group of radicals at the docks. Try to stealthily take out as many as you can on the way to the alarm bell and then disable it to ensure your second optional objective is complete. Be wary of snipers in the area, as they can really pose a threat if you continue to ignore them. Steal the orders and figure out where the grain is being stored.

Sequence 9-2: Hoarders

  • Don't trigger any alarms
  • Rescue Thomas Levesque

You won't have to wait until the end of the sequence to find Marie Levesque. The first thing you can do is start on a distraction opportunity by helping a man with fireworks get past some men hassling him. This may not have any effect on your escape, though, so it's not entirely recommended only because you may be wasting time. When entering the palace courtyard, work on killing as many enemies as possible while remaining undetected. Disable the alarm bell and consider freeing the trapped prisoners in the courtyard's cells. Doing this will alert the attention of dozens of enemies inside the palace, which is extremely useful for many reasons: These guys will not ring any alarm bells from inside the palace, the enemies are now easily defeated since you have numerous allies to take the attention away from you, and after the fight the palace will be far less populated.

Take to the northern side of the palace and head to the top floor, then use eagle vision to find a locked door. Behind the door is none other than Thomas Levesque, Marie's husband, who has been locked in this room so he doesn't mess with Marie's plans. Disarm the alarm bells on both floors on this side of the palace, then consider doing the same on the other side. Marie should be very easy to reach and can be killed with ease if you've done as described above, but even if you haven't, she's not exactly the most agile. Escape the area by jumping out a window so you can return to Élise.

Sequence 9-3: The Escape

  • Don't touch the ground
  • Keep up with the Montgolfière

Élise will be caught up with some radicals trying to chase after her. She'll then get into a hot air balloon and ask you to tie the ropes off so it flies away with her in it. Save the rope nearest your starting position for last, as there's a lift to the roof near it and the first optional objective starts fairly after it starts floating. Use that lift as soon as the final rope is cut, then start chasing after the balloon.

You may notice that the other optional objective is to keep up with the balloon. The balloon travels at a faster pace when you're close to it but slows down when you're farther away so you have time to catch up, so there really is no surefire way to determine how close you must be at all times. It shouldn't be much of a problem regardless. Most of this memory is simply traveling across rooftops and keeping up with Élise until you finally get the opportunity to jump aboard.

Note: After finishing this sequence, you'll be given the opportunity to unlock the Master Locksmith skill. This in turn finally allows you to open the most difficult locks and start really clearing out your map so it doesn't look like a disaster area.

Road To Starvation

Complete Memory Sequence 9.

Road To Starvation
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