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11. Sequence 08

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 08

Sequence 8-1: The King's Correspondence

  • Cover kills (3)
  • Alarm bells sabotaged (3)

Following Mirabeau's death, the remaining members of the Assassin Council have discovered that Mirabeau was once in conversation with the king. The letters that he possesses (or rather, possessed) in his office could pose a great threat to the Assassin order, and as such Arno is sent to get rid of them before they fall into the wrong hands.

When you arrive at the palace, focus entirely on your optional objectives until they're both satisfied. Use the junk scattered across the courtyard to get your fair share of cover kills, then disable the one bell in front of the palace. Head to the palace's rear and disable the two alarm bells there as well; you can get some cover kills there too if you're a bit short. Infiltrate the palace through one of the open doors at ground level and work through to the big man's old room. Eagle vision can help you locate it if you're having trouble.

A man will already be in the king's chamber, but he won't have any alliances in favor of one way or another. He too is looking for something, but it's not what you're here to obtain. Use eagle vision to find a secret stash of goodies that satisfy both of you. The letters will be burned, and the man will receive a rather shiny object - what could it possibly be?

Napoleon will work on getting out of the palace, but you'll need to defend him against several waves of enemy soldiers before he gets a secret path open. Follow him through and he'll introduce himself as Napoléon Bonaparte. He'll offer to help Arno meet Captain Rouille before taking his leave.

Sequence 8-2: September Massacres

  • Ledge assassinations (3)
  • Cover kills (3)

Rouille's assassination is a bit more open in terms of space, as you can move through nearly the entirety of the Bastille and not be detected by him until you're extremely close. Both optional opportunities for the assassination can easily be ignored if you'd like, but they're coincidentally very easy to complete if you aim to complete them. If you save some of the soldiers by killing some radicals, you should find them helping you out higher up in the Bastille. After entering the palace, your first optional objective for cover kills will activate. This should be rather easy to complete if you're watching guards' walking patterns and wait for the right time to strike. If a certain enemy isn't lining up exactly as you'd like them to, consider using a cherry bomb.

You should soon reach the roof of the Bastille if you climb up towards it out of a window. Doing this will put you in a fine position to perform some ledge assassinations for the second optional objective; if you get caught, simply crawl back down and re-enter the palace until the soldiers stop looking for you. You can alternatively make your way to the distraction opportunity and perform two ledge assassinations there before you decide whether or not to set the tower on fire. Kill Rouille and anyone standing in your way after the optional objectives are taken care of to learn more about the remaining Templars in Germain's party. If you decide to go for the tower ledge kills after killing Rouille, be aware that the game may glitch out and inflict fire damage on you if you set foot on the tower's floor.

Escape the area to end the memory, then get ready to take on your next target.

Bloody Trail

Complete Memory Sequence 8.

Bloody Trail
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