Assassin's Creed Unity Walkthrough

10. Sequence 07

Meet up with Élise at the café to start this sequence.

Assassin's Creed Unity | Sequence 07

Sequence 7-1: A Cautious Alliance

  • Enemies stunned (3)
  • Headshots (3)

You'll need to have stun grenades for this memory's optional objectives.

An attempt at some sort of alliance will take place between Élise and the Assassins. After being sent away by Mirabeau, Arno will tell Élise that the silversmith François Germain is alive, which will prompt her to run towards his office hastily. Follow her there and reach Germain's office so the two of you can look for clues. Enemies will soon attack the two of you; protect Élise by first dropping a stun grenade or two so as to complete the first optional objective, then defeat them.

After that situation has been dealt with, the pair will check behind Germain's locked door to find an array of Templar materials, but not before being assaulted once again by snipers outside. Take cover behind the windows and fire headshots at at least three of them, then take care of the rest however you please. This will be the last threat of the memory.

Sequence 7-2: Meeting With Mirabeau

  • Pass over/under objects (5)
  • Lifts used (1)

When you locate Mirabeau to tell him about Germain's alliances, he'll have been attacked by an unknown assailant. Work with Élise to find clues as two what happened, then ask Master Quemar about Mirabeau. When that results in nothing, travel to the apothecary that Quemar knows so you can ask him some questions. The apothecary will quickly run away - chase after him and keep the optional objectives in mind. The optional objectives take a higher priority than actually tackling the apothecary, as he can be re-found without having to restart the memory. Look for things to pass through and a lift to use, then work on catching the apothecary.

The apothecary will reveal what he knows, which is that someone wearing something similar to your outfit asked him for aconite.

Sequence 7-3: Confrontation

  • Don't get knocked down
  • Staggering strikes (5)

Not only is the staggering strike skill useful for this fight, it's required for an optional objective.

It's time to figure out who killed Mirabeau and put a stop to their actions before something else occurs. Track them and find them higher up on the church, then engage in combat. Use staggering strikes until you knock your enemy down and stab them while they're down. After a portion of the fight has been completed, finish a quicktime event to progress further down the church and further into the battle. If you are knocked down at any point in the fight, reset the most recent checkpoint to keep the optional objective going.

The fight will continue along the same pattern until you've finally defeated the enemy. Once they've been completely beaten beyond being able to stand, kill them and end this once and for all.

Server Bridge: The Resistance

This next jump between servers sends you to 1944, when northern France was occupied by German forces. Scale the Eiffel tower and avoid the massive spotlights to remain undetected. Machine guns are placed for you to deal with airplanes at certain points during your climb; take advantage of them and destroy the planes so you can more easily get to the top of the tower.

Mystery Solved

Complete Memory Sequence 7.

Mystery Solved
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