Assassin's Creed Rogue Walkthrough

9. Sequence 6

The story wraps up here, both for Shay and for the unnamed Abstergo employee. The first four memories are surprisingly simple for the end of the game, which you can see by the shorter memory details on this page.

Assassin's Creed Rogue | Sequence 6

Sequence 6-1: The Heist

  • Loot every chest in the fort
  • Lockpick two doors

The French have become a far weaker annoyance on the English's mind, but they still aren't addressing the criminals that plague New York. This should be changed. You and Jack Weeks will be impersonating some criminals and causing havoc to force the law down upon them, but first you'll need some outfits. Chase two criminals down the street and use any means you have to stop them so you can kill them, or just kill them directly if you can. No need to loot their body for their clothes; Jack has that covered.

The plan is for you to rob the soldiers' pay being held in the fort and cut down the fort's flag, signaling Jack to free the criminals locked up inside. You'll want to approach every single door that has chests behind it and pick the lock on at least two of them; you can blow up the rest with shrapnel grenades if you have enough. If you don't want to use any grenades, you can lockpick every door as you loot every single chest in the general order that you come across them and still have plenty of time to cut down the flag when you're done.

Jack will let the prisoners out, which means that you should leave before things get too crazy. Leave the area and become anonymous to finish the memory.

Sequence 6-2: Caress of Steel

  • Do not get damaged by the poison clouds
  • Stay out of combat

At the start of this memory, Haytham will force Hope's location out of a criminal. Travel with him to the large building and wipe out the handful of enemies behind a barricade, then climb up to the buildings roof to spot her. She'll spot you as well, but only after she gives the box to Liam. When you've fallen down into the room she's in, she'll turn on some poisonous gas and remove your gas mask. Whatever you do, do not touch the floor that this gas spreads throughout; look behind you to the left and start here to crawl across the entire room to escape.

On a balcony, Hope will poison you directly with a serum that will stop your heart if you stop moving. You'll have to keep moving constantly in order to maintain health, but that's not too big of a deal if you've made several health upgrades. Avoid conflict at all costs when you drop down and make your way to the staircase at the end of the courtyard here, then climb up them and go across some tree branches to get to a wooden structure. When you get to Hope, the second optional objective will complete.

The best way to kill Hope is through gunshots. Try to stop and shoot her twice when you're close enough; you may have more luck doing so when she's directly in front of you, which is coincidentally when the most recent checkpoint is loaded. You can always just chase her down, avoiding her toxic gas that she occasionally spreads and moving constantly to keep up and increase your heart rate. Whichever way you go about it, you'll find the antidote to the poison afflicting you on Hope, so get to her however you can.

Sequence 6-3: No Laws But Our Own

  • Avoid open conflict
  • Do not kill any guards

There's just one last assassin from Achilles' brotherhood aside from Liam, and that's Chevalier. His exact whereabouts are contained in a map in a nearby fort. Avoid getting into fights and try to kill as many guards as you can to make your escape far, far easier. When you think you've gotten almost everyone, take the map from the fort leader and quickly leave the way you came in to return to the Morrigan; enemy ships will start firing mortars at her, so you'll want to steer her out of harm's way. Doing so will end the mission, and Captain Cook will start decoding the map.

Sequence 6-4: Cold Fire

  • Do not collide with any icebergs
  • Do not take any damage

Now that you know where Chevalier is headed, you can cut him off before he reaches his destination. Look around for his fleet and sink it, then locate his own ship, the Gerfault, and incapacitate it without touching any icebergs. This is easily done by using your front carronades to destroy icebergs when they're in front of you. Once you start to board the Gerfault, Try to use your Puckle gun to smack Chevalier right in the face if you can. This is fairly hard to do, however, but it does help you complete the second optional objective far more easily. If you can't seem to hit him with the Puckle gun, then you'll have to climb aboard and kill him without taking damage from anyone at all. Just reload the checkpoint if you get hurt.

Sequence 6-5: Non Nobis Domine

  • Do not hit energy beam walls
  • Do not get shot by Liam

There's nothing in the way between you and Achilles now. Sail to the precursor site with Haytham and infiltrate the site, killing any soldiers that get in your way. Some energy beams will appear to block you off later into the cave; these damage you, so time your jumps and movement correctly and you'll soon find yourself in the same room as Liam and Achilles. They'll stumble into the same type of object Shay touched in Lisbon, which leads to the same effects. Haytham will chase after Achilles as he escapes while you go after Liam.

When following Liam, dodge the energy beams that shoot out of cracks in the ground until Liam starts firing his pistol at you (reload the most recent checkpoint if you run into the beams). Duck behind cover when you can and check every once in a while to see if you're able to shoot him from your position. If not, continue advancing behind cover without being shot and chasing him down until the two of you inevitably drop off a ledge together.

After you finish business with Liam, Shay and Haytham will decide what to do with Achilles before sailing off with the manuscript. Haytham will then ask Shay to look for the box, no matter how long it takes.

Brotherhood broken

Complete sequence 6

Brotherhood broken

Present Day 4: Understanding

With Shay's story complete, Otso Berg and Violet da Costa will send you down to the newly accessible basement. It's a long walk until you reach the servers down there. When you repair it, you'll then be asked to upload the results of your Animus sessions to the assassin network, which Abstergo somehow has easy access to. Doing so will send a message to them that assassins can change sides very easily, whereas Templars have very few traitorous members. Return to your desk and fire up the last piece of the fragmented memory you've been jumping in and out of. This one is finally stable, as you've completed everything of importance in Shay's life up to the point where this next memory takes place.

Sending a message

Complete Present 4

Sending a message

Incomplete Memory: QXNzYXNzaW5hdGIvbg0K

Ben Franklin will grant Shay access to the Royal Palace courtyard. Once he leaves to do his business with the court, infiltrate the palace by climbing into a window on the left side, then slither through crowds and soldiers until you find the man you're looking for: Charles Dorian. Locate him in the hall after you pass a pair of children whose parents are around the palace somewhere. Have a sharp conversation with him and take what he's got on his person to end Shay's tale for good.

No page unturned

Complete the final glitched memory

No page unturned

Achieve full synchronization

Achieve 100% synchronization in all main missions

Achieve full synchronization

After the credits roll for a minute or two, you'll be sent back to the perspective of the employee. Now that you understand the Templar-Assassin conflict, the people you've been working for at Abstergo will "offer" you the chance to become a Templar yourself. The rest of the credits roll shortly afterwards. Ubisoft credits are notoriously long, as they deem it necessary to include every single person who worked on every single translation of the game, of which there are at least six. You mustn't quit, but you should be able to skip them by holding cn_O, or otherwise sit back and do something else for a half hour before the game saves and pops this trophy.

Templar then; Templar now

Complete the game

Templar then; Templar now

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