Assassin's Creed Rogue Walkthrough

8. Sequence 5

Sequence 5 is very short. You'll be taking care of another of Shay's enemies as he and the other Templars aim to stop Achilles.

Assassin's Creed Rogue | Sequence 5

Sequence 5-1: Men o' War

  • Sink ten ships with mortars
  • Take no damage from fireships

Captain Cook has confirmed that an English fleet is headed towards Louisbourg, right into an ambush. Cook will offer to let you pirate his Man-o-War to stop the strike. When ships come towards you, simply use Cook's infinite supply of mortars to take them down from a distance. It's very, very simple.

Adéwalé himself seems to be leading this attack and will send fireships at you; do not let them hit you at all costs, and use your front carronades as a backup just in case they get too close for mortar fire. Continue sinking French vessels until more English arrive to provide support, driving them off for good.

Sequence 5-2: Bravado

  • Do not let the Morrigan get hit by mortar fire
  • Do not kill anyone except Adéwalé

Note: Try to have a nearly fully upgraded Morrigan and have several sleep darts at the ready. Attacking people unarmed and using berserk darts does not work to fulfill the second optional objective.

With Cook's help once again, you now know the general location of where Adéwalé is. Sail the Morrigan past the sight of several ships ahead of you and dock at a shore just behind them so you can find out where exactly Adéwalé is instead of an approximate area. Make your way through the entire settlement full of soldiers, where you'll see the old assassin run off to his ship. The Morrigan will pull up right behind him, allowing you to jump onboard to take off after him. Try to stay right on his tail so as to avoid being hit by the Experto Crede's mortars and try to incapacitate the ship as soon as you can.

Adéwalé and his men will leave their wrecked ship and run inland for a final stand. Dock and run past the house you see immediately on your left, then climb up a tree that leads to a branch sticking out near a climbable rock ledge. This will lead to a sniper tower; put the sniper to sleep with a sleep dart and jump past him onto a log towards the next ledge and rock wall, then put the others around you up here to sleep as well. You should now have a pretty solid plan of how to drop down to Adéwalé, who is defending the legacy of the late father of Haytham Kenway. Shoot more sleep darts at any soldiers unfortunate enough to look in your direction and merely walk behind Adéwalé to stab him with your hidden blade when he isn't looking for an easy kill. If he runs off, then switch to your pistols and get ready to shoot him twice as soon as he's in range of you.

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