Assassin's Creed Rogue Walkthrough

7. Sequence 4

After finishing Sequence 3, Colonel Monro will send Shay a present for him to safeguard. Along with this gift is the news that Monro has been sent into a battle that he knows he cannot win.

Assassin's Creed Rogue | Sequence 4

Sequence 4-1: Honour and Loyalty

  • Do not take damage
  • Do not get detected

The Templar Jack Weeks will welcome Shay to where Colonel Monro has been sent into battle. Chase off after the colonel and fend off several stalkers; you'll want to locate Monro without taking any damage to fulfill the optional objective, so use eagle vision to locate enemies and use the rope dart and other darts to neutralize them if you have to. Fight off the enemies surrounding Monro's men and speak to him about how things are between them.

After a bit more walking through the valley, Kesegowaase will spot Shay and send his men down to attack Monro's forces. Kill all of these men as well, then climb up towards where Kesegowaase was. At the viewpoint, you'll be tasked with killing nine snipers without being detected by anyone, even stalkers in the area. This is fortunately easier than it sounds, so long as you have enough sleep and berserk darts.

Air assassinate the first sniper on your left, then do the same for two more snipers along the cliffs. When you get to the one at the end, use eagle vision to identify a stalker in the bushes near you and put him to sleep so you can take out this fourth sniper. Kill the sleeping stalker, then inject as many snipers across the way with berserk poison as you can. This not only helps the snipers kill each other, but the poison will eventually kill them as well. If any snipers survive this, then be extremely cautious of stalkers as you try to get close enough to the final sniper.

Once you kill the last of the snipers, take out three final enemies that threaten Monro and his men, then dash towards the Morrigan to end the memory.

Sequence 4-2: Armour and Sword

Now that the assassins know that Shay is alive, he'll give the manuscript to Monro since he's now the bigger target of the two of them. For this memory, you'll just be recruiting the help of the English and some natives to join you against Kesegowaase. Start off by running to the riverboat and use it to quickly cross to the other side of the river, then run over to the English and help them out of a scuffle with some enemies.

Once you've gotten their help, cross the river here and stealthily rescue at least 12 villagers. You need to be careful about the enemies that appear as snipers on the mini-map, because they'll kill villagers if you get too close. After you save all of them, the elder will ask you to walk with her to a closed-off set of armor that requires seven locks to open. These are hidden in seven totems around the two main maps, and you'll want to come back here when you have all seven.

Sequence 4-3: Scars

  • Stay out of combat
  • Kill Kesegowaase using a Puckle gun

Time to save Monro once again, this time from Kesegowaase himself. Sail to where he's landed and quietly run up to the fort that Monro is fighting in without being detected. When you get to the fort unnoticed, you'll fulfill the first optional objective and will be able to engage enemies again, which you'll have to do in order to save Monro's troops.

After killing 12 of them, Kesegowaase himself will come down to fight you alongside dozens more of his men. Ignore them if you can and rush up to the northwestern Puckle gun; this will give you the best position to fire it at him to kill him for the second objective. When he dies, he'll tell you that Liam is already after Colonel Monro, who has set for the Morrigan. Quickly catch up to Monro and try to save him once again.

Picking teams

Complete sequence 4

Picking teams

After this memory, Shay will become an official Templar through a ritual held by the Grand Master Templar of the Colonial Rite.

Present Day 3: High Places

Out of the Animus once more, take the elevator upstairs to Melanie Lemay's office. She'll tell you about the man who used to work in this office, Olivier Garneau, before he mysteriously vanished in Chicago. After she's done lamenting over her lost friend, reboot the server on her floor and return to your Animus.

A worthy cause

Complete Present 3

A worthy cause

Incomplete Memory: UHJvdGVjdGlvbg0K

  • Kill criminals with air assassinations (x3)
  • Kill all criminals before time runs out

Upon returning to the Paris memory sequence, you'll find that Ben Franklin is being harassed by four hooligans, arranged in two pairs. Air assassinate both pairs and locate three more of the thugs trying to kill him on his way back to his house here. When he enters his house to check on his family, run around and look for five more criminals. Kill all of them before the time you're given to ensure absolute safety for the colonial ambassador.

To return the favor, Franklin will offer to help Shay into the Royal Palace so he can meet his business associate.

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