Assassin's Creed Rogue Walkthrough

5. Sequence 2

With Lawrence Washington dead, the assassins stand a far better chance at taking the manuscript and box from the Templars due to their discombobulated leadership.

Assassin's Creed Rogue | Sequence 2

Sequence 2-1: One Little Victory

  • Kill Smith with an air assassination
  • Destroy three gunboats with the Puckle gun

When you reach St. John's, Chevalier and Le Chasseur will inform you that Samuel Smith has the box after a trip to Europe and is in the general area. The spy will also tell Shay that he's gotten a gun for the Morrigan from a Master Puckle. Chase after him with Liam and Chevalier until Smith uses his ship to break through heavy ice, then use the icebreaker ram that's also been installed to follow him through.

When you've carved through the ice, four ships will attack you. Allow the largest one to ram you (it's harder to not be rammed than to be rammed) to cause a reverse boarding; defat ten of the enemy crew to save your ship and force their surrender for a trophy

Defence First

Survive a Reverse-Boarding

Defence First

Afterwards, use only the puckle gun to fire shots at the three little gunboats swimming around. When you've done that, follow Smith to Terra Nova and take out the initial soldiers protecting the camp. Climb up the sniper tower and traverse some trees and other high places to get right above Smith for an air assassination, completing the second optional objective.

With Smith defeated, Shay will recover the box and return to the Morrigan. You'll unlock a whole new set of upgrades for the Morrigan now that you have the Puckle gun and ram; Shay has also picked up on the Templar's tactics of setting oil on fire in the water, so you'll now be able to do that too.

Sequence 2-2: We the People

  • Sneak into the congress undetected
  • Kill Wardrop with an air assassination

Hope and Liam have learned that there's a congress in session about George Washington's troops firing on the French. Additionally, since Lawrence has been killed, his associate James Wardrop has risen to take his place. He also coincidentally holds the manuscript and should be at the congress.

You'll want to sneak into the congress without being detected. Dive into the water below and use the standing-in-grass technique to lure and eliminate any soldiers you deem necessary to kill in order to reach the congress. It's not too far away, so this shouldn't take long. You'll catch Benjamin Franklin giving a speech with another Templar by the name of Johnson with Wardrop far from sight. Apparently, the box comes from ancient Egypt, and Franklin has been given the chance to run tests on it. Johnson will send a soldier to tell Wardrop to hand the manuscript over, and you'll need to chase after him.

When you run after the soldier, just shoot him with your twin pistols to slow him down. This will attract the attention of the four soldiers up the road, but they surely won't be too tough to defeat. When the lobster lays dead, run along the southern edge of the fort that Wardrop is protecting himself in. Take this path all the way up to the southeast corner of the fortress, then use eagle vision to identify your target.

Eliminate soldiers in your way as you progress towards the northeast corner of the fort and wait there for Wardrop to get within air assassinating range. He occasionally makes stops here. Wardrop's last words are a claim that the colonies will fall apart without the Templars to protect them against the French.

When you take the manuscript from him, you'll need to leave the fort quickly and have to evacuate the red area on your mini-map. Climb up the wooden siding north of where you killed Wardrop and drop off the top of the wall; it'll only chip one health bar away from you, and you'll be within running distance of leaving the area.

Sequence 2-3: Fiat Lux

  • Do not get detected
  • Do not swim

You'll find Ben Franklin in Sleepy Hollow, with a surprising lack of lightning rods. Hope will help him set up his experiment as you help track the forfeited equipment back to its proper owner. When you start to look for the man with Franklin's materials near the market, look instead towards the wooden bridge nearby and shoot a berserk dart at one of the four soldiers surrounding the entrance. You'll want two of them to die by the hands of their fellows.

During this skirmish the guy you're looking for will likely drop the box he's holding to observe the fight. That's alright, as he'll start on his path towards the warehouse without the box. With two soldiers remaining along the bridge's entrance, wait for the guy you're tailing to be far enough away before you sprint at the two near the bridge for a double-assassination. Now you'll be able to follow your target all the way to the warehouse without being detected.

Sneak into the warehouse without being caught by killing anyone in your way and retrieve the lightning rods in the chest that's already here. If you did all of this without being detected, then the first optional objective will be complete and you'll be free to attack enemies as you return to Franklin, as long as you don't swim. There's a pulley that lets you zip straight across the water directly on the western path to Franklin's place, but if you don't want to use it then there's a bridge north of it. You can alternatively just go back the way you came in.

Observe the results of Franklin's test and Shay will point out a blip on a map as Lisbon, Portugal.

Sequence 2-4: Kyrie Eleison

Since Shay is most familiar with Lisbon than anyone else in this brotherhood, Achilles will send him off to Portugal to find the First Civilization temple and recover the Piece of Eden from within. He'll make it to a church in the year 1755.

When inside the church, scale the windows in front of Shay when you gain control of him and work your way up to a circular object in the wall; you may want to use eagle vision to spot it. Shove the hidden blade into it and do the same with two more on the sides of the church. Between these two is a chandelier near a golden fence. The final lock is above that fence, which you can climb by using the rungs in the middle. After turning all four locks, the door to the temple will open.

After Shay touches the artifact, escape Lisbon after you find out what it does so you can report back to Achilles.

Sequence 2-5: Freewill

  • Do not take any damage
  • Do not kill anyone

Shay, knowing the potential of the object inside the site and connecting it with the Haiti earthquake, believes that he needs to steal the manuscript so this can never happen again. After being tossed out of the mansion, sneak back in. It's very easy to not be caught. You'll be tossed out of the mansion yet again, and dozens of assassins will come looking for you. As you escape, you'll want to remain untouched and not kill anyone.

You should automatically be unarmed; if not, set yourself to be. All attacks (except guns, of course) that you perform will not kill assassins, despite how brutal they may be. It's best if you remain undetected, although remaining hidden isn't an objective. When you gain control of Shay, wait for two assassins to check the long stretch of shrubbery you're hiding in and knock them out before moving upwards (ignoring Chevalier's mortar fire entirely) towards the objective marker. Use the bush-standing trick when you have to and stay as safe as possible so as to avoid damage to yourself.

When you reach a certain point, you'll be blocked out of where you previously were by a bunch of boulders. Sneak through here as Hope tosses smoke bombs down at you to get through to the final area. When you get close to the cliff at the objective marker, an assassin will pounce on you from above. Quickly cn_O counter it and knock him out to prevent being hurt, then run to the cliffside.

The assassins and Shay will say some abrupt goodbyes before the latter gets knocked off and knocked out.

The end of youth

Complete sequence 2

The end of youth

Incomplete Memory: RGVjb25zdHJ1Y3RlZA0K

This memory was tossed in your way after the end of the previous memory. Follow and kill three soldiers to prevent a threat against Ben Franklin and learn a little bit about what this fractured memory is about.

Present Day 2: Damage Control

With this part of Shay's story sorted out, Violet will ask you to head to Otso Berg's office before going down to the floor below to restore power to the servers down there. Otso is pretty interested in Shay for some reason.

He's not dead, is he?

Complete Present 2

He's not dead, is he?

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