Assassin's Creed Rogue Walkthrough

4. Sequence 1

With this initial sequence you'll be introduced to the assassin brotherhood of the New York/North American colony area. If you're having trouble understanding what you need to do for the optional objectives for each memory, you can consult the playlist link here for videos on this sequence.

Assassin's Creed Rogue | Sequence 1

Sequence 1-1: The Way the Wind Blows

  • Remain undetected by British guards
  • Kill all British guards

When you start the game for the first time, you'll hear Shay Cormac talk about his past before you're sent into it. Your first objective is to kill the assassin in the distance, but for this place we'll instead go through all of the collectibles here so you don't have to come back later. Walk to the northern ledge and cn_O drop off to find a (1/5) Treasure Chest, then climb back up into the trees and make your way west to a log just above the assassin. Walk to the north to reach a high area with a tree next to a pile of leaves; you'll want to cn_X climb the tree and jump from its branches into the leaves to get a (1/3) Animus Fragment. With this, jump down onto the assassin.

Shay's friend Liam will move out of the way before Shay can pounce on him and they'll start to return to the camp they're protecting. Before you take off, look to the ship wreckage right next to you and pick up the (2/3) Animus Fragment here as well. At this point, you should also see another (2/5) Treasure Chest on your mini-map as well. Open it up before running up the branch leading to the rock above the chest. The third (3/5) Treasure Chest is just past this branch, but something different is in the trees. Use cn_LSc Eagle Vision to locate a floating piece of paper in the trees, then climb your way up to it. The (1/1) Sea Shanty will float away from you when you get too close so you'll have to chase it down. As you climbed that tree, another (2/3) Animus Fragment will have been marked on the mini-map. Do what you did before with the first one and collect it.

Next, run up the tree branches to the west and reach the eagle icon on the mini-map to synchronize with the (1/1) Viewpoint and reveal your surroundings. With this being the only sync point for Port-Menier, all of the map here will be revealed, as well as the surrounding area on the cn_select map of the North Atlantic. Jump into the leaves below and you'll be right next to a new icon, a (1/2) Templar Map. The treasure related to this map is actually here at Port-Menier; press cn_right to select the map tool and then press cn_T to bring the map up. You'll be looking for a funky pair of trees just to the west of where you found this map and you can dig it up when you get close to it. Also nearby is a (1/1) Viking Sword just lying in the snow. Once you have these, continue on with Liam towards the camp.

Upon reaching Captain Chevalier's camp, it's revealed that the camp was attacked while Shay and Liam were away. Shay will talk back to the captain, resulting in a fistfight breaking out between the two. This will teach you how the combat works; just follow the prompts on screen and you'll eventually be stopped by Liam before you pummel the captain too much. Liam and Shay will head after the smugglers taken prisoner by the British with some new swords, but before you head into enemy territory, open the (4/5) Treasure Chest by the camp.

There are generally two objectives per memory, and one of them is to kill all the enemies without being detected. Drop down on one of them, then sneak up on the other, who is harassing one of the smugglers. Walk towards the other soldiers and enter the grass, then cn_R2 stand upright until half of the walking soldier's detection meter has risen. It'll flash once it reaches the halfway point, signaling to you that he's going to start looking for you. Simply stop standing and hide in the grass until he comes close so you can assassinate him. Finally, walk behind the two soldiers warming their hands by the fire and perform a double-assassination to have done everything completely incognito. Then grab the remaining (2/2) Templar Map and (5/5) Treasure Chest on the beach. Upon doing so, you'll get a notification saying that everything to be done here has been done and you'll get a trophy for your efforts. You'll be clearing out just about every single location in the game, so get used to finding a lot of stuff.


Complete every activity in a single location

Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These trophies are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.

Free all of the smugglers and board the ship docked on the beach, the Morrigan. Try to remain undetected by killing the soldier to the left of the wheel, followed by the one looking over to the right. Then get the guard standing by the mast below and wait for the only walking soldier to either find him or reach you so you can take him out as well. Now all that's left to do is kill the other guards (whose backs are turned) and you'll finish both optional objectives.

Now that the British are done with, Shay will claim the Morrigan for himself. It's hot garbage at the moment but you'll be making it into a fine ship over the course of the game. Speed the boat up and sail towards Captain Chevalier's ship. An iceberg in the water will have a slight blue glow to it; cn_R2 shoot it with your frontal cannons to break it apart to find some supplies and an Animus Fragment inside. There are lots of fragments and chests not tied to any single location but are instead put into the category of "Uncharted". Since this one is right on the coast of Port-Menier, you may as well get it now instead of having to backtrack.

The captain's ship will be under attack when you get to it. Sink all enemy ships with either your frontal or side cannons by moving the camera to the left or right to select the side cannons. You can also ram ships to inflict damage, but you won't really need to right now.

Present Day 1: A Rude Awakening

When you finish the first memory, you'll be awakened by a woman named Violet da Costa in an Abstergo facility, who will order you to get to Melanie Lemay on the same floor. It appears that your dabbling with Shay's memories has caused a virus throughout the entire facility. Even though they're the cause of this mess, a man by the name of Otso Berg will insist that Shay's memories be processed. You'll be directed to fix the main power supply in the building by completing a simple sphere puzzle; just light up each segment of the core with one beam each and you'll reinstate all the power into the building.

After doing this, a file will be shot from the computer into your little tablet, which you might not have been given permission to see. Despite this, you'll be asked to repair any screwy computer you come across. You'll want to fix all of them at some point, but you don't need to do any of that right now, especially since you can't get to all 20 at the moment. There are also 20 tablets just like yours spread across the building with even more little pieces of information, or "lore", which you can pick up as well. You can find un-fixed computers on your map, but tablets are going to be more hidden should you choose to look for them.

Return to your desk to continue with Shay's memories.

Did I do that?

Complete Present 1

Did I do that?
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Sequence 1-2: Lessons and Revelations

  • Remain undetected during Hope's lesson
  • Complete Liam's lesson in under 40 seconds

Shay and Liam will return to their mentor, Achilles Davenport, in New York. Another assassin by the name of Adéwalé will be here at the same time to catch up with Achilles, so you'll be sent on three paths by two of your superiors and Liam for three lessons on basic assassin training. When you go to Liam, you'll learn about using pistols. Fire at the target dummies and then run Liam's six-target course around the area, which needs to be completed in 40 seconds or less for higher synchronization. It's a good idea to just run the course and get used to cn_L1 reloading while running so you can move faster, then reload the most recent checkpoint so you know where to go and can finish within the time given. You'll very likely have only a few seconds of spare time even after you know where you're supposed to go.

Hope will ask you to kill dummies she's set up in four different ways. You need to air assassinate one, kill one from a pile of leaves, kill one from the bushes (a few are surrounded by them), and then kill one as you sprint towards it. This is all very easy to do, but you need to make sure you're not spotted by two fellow assassins that are looking out for you. Being seen is fine as long as the detection circle above their heads doesn't fill up all the way. If you do end up getting caught, then you can just reload the checkpoint.

Your last instructor, Kesegowaase, will show you how to hunt and the benefits of doing so. Follow him along tree branches to the general proximity of an eastern elk and air assassinate it for the kill. Skin the elk and enter the crafting menus to create pistol holsters so Shay can hold his own pistols whenever he gets his own pair.

Luckily for you, Achilles will give you two when you go to see him after you're done. Adéwalé will head off as you meet up with Achilles, who will tell you about what they were talking about.

Sequence 1-3: Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy

  • Do not lose more than 50% health during boarding
  • Sink the ships within three minutes

Sail with Liam to Captain Chevalier at a nearby fort and take off for Anticosti. On the way there, look for an English schooner. Wear its health down to the small increment of red left at the end, which indicates that you can board the ship to take its resources. When you board, you'll enter your first actual combat situation for the game; you might not be too used to it yet, but you'll want to understand how fast you need to cn_Ocn_S counter-attack so you don't take any damage yourself. One of the mission constraints takes place here and maintaining health above 50% refers to Shay, not the Morrigan.

From the ship, you'll earn 30 units of metal. Sail on to the fishing village of Percé and borrow some pounds to improve the Morrigan's hull armor and broadside cannons, then head for Anticosti once more. On the way there, you'll be interrupted by five weak English gunboats who've shot down fishing ships right in front of your eyes. Try to sink them all in less than three minutes by using both a set of side cannons and the frontal cannons. Gunboats are too weak and insignificant to be boarded, so just focus on blowing them apart.

Upon reaching Anticosti you'll meet a spy named Le Chasseur who's found the location of the manuscript that the assassins are after. A Lawrence Washington has sent the man who was last seen having it out to retrieve it, so that name serves as the next lead to finding it. After this memory, you'll be able to start upgrading the Morrigan into a proper ship.

Note: After this memory, you may want to take the time to explore the North Atlantic's various locations and upgrade your ship as much as you desire before moving on. You can, at the very least, stop at some locations and walk around until you're able to fast travel back there whenever you want. You'll be able to reach most of the North Atlantic map save for most of the Fort Baie-Rouge area, which is available after Sequence 2-1.

Sequence 1-4: By Invitation Only

  • Kill Washington while blended
  • Make enemies berserk with the air rifle (4x)

Travel into North America with Liam and the Morrigan to take off after Washington. Locate the shipment he's having brought in from elsewhere and trail it all the way to a blockade; when you reach that, dock the Morrigan and follow the ship on foot until you arrive at the outskirts of Lawrence's estate. Kill anyone in your way as you approach the ship when it docks and take the cargo, which happens to be an air rifle. You can use it to shoot darts and firecrackers, and is a very useful tool in almost all situations. It's particularly helpful for hunting.

Now that you've got the air rifle, set it to fire berserk darts and shoot it at any unsuspecting soldiers. You want to hit at least four enemies with these darts and you can hold five at a time at the moment. Beserked enemies will kill everyone around them, whereas sleep darts obviously put people to sleep. If you run out of either type of dart, loot bodies to find more, but remember to use berserk darts until you fulfill the memory constraint.

Head into Washington's garden party and use Eagle Vision to look for Lawrence himself. After he asks his brother to get some special drinks out for the guests, it'll be your time to assassinate the sickly man. To do so while blended, start by running out towards the fountain and getting in the bushes between where you start your assassination and the fountain itself. If one of the two heavily-armed soldiers hasn't spotted you, cn_R2 stand up in the bushes until one of them walks over to you. Do this to take care of these two guys, then look for a nearby ladder leading to the roof so you can take care of a sniper. Jump from here into a bale of leaves between the building he's on and another building next to it.

From the leaves, move into some bushes and kill anyone necessary to safely reach a bench with an open seat very close to you. Sit at the bench with your two new friends until Lawrence comes along; when he starts to talk to the three of you, make your kill to end the sequence.

Lawrence won't seem to mind so much that he's been killed. Apparently the Templars are already getting things done without him, but being free from his sickness was probably factoring into his relief as well.

Halcyon days

Complete sequence 1

Halcyon days
Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

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