Assassin's Creed Rogue Walkthrough

11. Side Quests

There are some side missions that you may come across in the game, and some sets of collectibles lead to a nice reward. You can find information on those here.

Secondary Memories

There are several Assassin Interception missions that appear as you play Sequence 3. For these, you need to capture a pigeon with the plans of the assassination still tied to its leg, then find the assassination target. After you've found them, locate and kill the assassins in the area that have been sent to kill them. If you don't kill them all in the time shown, then you'll want to return to the target and defend them against the remaining assassins.

Assassin's Creed Rogue | Assassin Interceptions

This war of mine

Complete all assassin interceptions

This war of mine

Later into the game, you'll find four ships that far surpass every other in terms of difficulty. These are legendary ships, and you'll want to defat all four of these as well. It's a very straight-forward task and you should only aim to fight one when the Morrigan is fully upgraded, but the last battle gives everyone a lot of trouble. One solution to this is to properly defeat the first three ships, then use cheats on the fourth to defeat the Storm Fortress. Once you win that battle, leave the Animus to return to Abstergo, which will not only make the trophy pop but will also save the victory of the battle, even though you used cheats.

Master of the North Atlantic

All legendary battles completed

Master of the North Atlantic
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There are also a bunch of hunting missions in the more rural areas of the North Atlantic and River Valley maps. These aren't required for completing locations and are only necessary for raising your in-game completion, but they're incredibly easy to complete since the rope dart kills animals instantly without being subtracted from your inventory.

Collectible Rewards

Scattered around the world are seven keys which you must collect by lining up a set of lines along seven totems. When you have all seven, go to Orenda in River Valley to open up the locked door and pick up the Native Armor.

Ancient Hero

Get the Native Armor

Ancient Hero

There are viking swords located in several places as well, and when you get all of those you'll be pointed towards Pearl Island in the North Atlantic. You'll be able to get a set of Viking Armor here once you dig it up.

There are 20 Templar crosses lying around, which have been placed there by a previous Templar, James Gunn. These only appear if you've got the DLC for it, and lead to a tomb in Fort de Sable.

Fort de Sable

Note: If you have this DLC, you should only come here when you've found all of the James Gunn Crosses.

This mission is DLC and isn't part of the standard editions of the game, although you're not missing out on much if you don't have it. When you arrive on the coast of Fort de Sable, you'll see that you need to loot four chests. There are actually three more standard chests as well, so you may as well loot those since you're here. Fight up the slopes and through a barely populated campsite until you find one of three (1/3) Treasure Chests. After that, continue scaling the hill until you reach the top to synchronize with the (1/1) Viewpoint, then drop down and kill the soldiers in the area around where you land. There should be a symbol on your mini-map if you've found the 20 James Gun Crosses that tells you that you'll be able to retrieve Sir James Gunn's Armour from inside the building.

After that, go for the four chests pinned with green circles from west to east. You'll find the second standard (2/3) Treasure Chest next to the third objective chest if you're going in the suggested order, and you'll find the last (3/3) Treasure Chest a little north of the final chest. As for the rewards you get from the four chests, you'll receive a sword set, sails, wheel, and outfit for your troubles.

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