Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
Brazil hardiheavny hardiheavny 29 918
USA X_Lord_Hydra_X X_Lord_Hydra_X 0 0
Brazil Ari2091 Ari2091 60 2,056
USA FlaviusCanedo FlaviusCanedoSpencer elogiando o Horizon lololol isso aí tem que elogiar msm o que eles não podem ter tem que elo 70 3,299
USA IRMacGuyver IRMacGuyver 46 1,456
Denmark junckerkids junckerkids 38 1,254
Canada lepeau lepeauLets play a new game called I Win...Sorry Troll 30 838
Canada MLSxGHOST MLSxGHOSTTwitter @LewdLila 0 0
USA PsienceWins PsienceWinsWorking on all these PS3/Vita games I bought thinking the stores were closing... 🙄 61 2,158
USA russiandude123 russiandude123 12 510
Germany Ryo-o-ji-san Ryo-o-ji-san 4 96
USA SuperBeardFace SuperBeardFaceWant to boost: Mortal Kombat X, Tomb Raider, Family Feud, Press Your Luck 53 1,773
Scotland Thomas-Ruth Thomas-RuthThe difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer is all a matter of taste 61 2,124
Australia wulfgang_ultra wulfgang_ultra 55 1,835