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Posted on 06 January 19 at 19:31
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The franchise had suffered a major set back with Unity, not because it was a poor game in itself, bit because its release was rushed. Syndicate repaired quite a lot of the damage, then came Origins, the story of the very first Assassin's order in Ancient Egypt.

It was a breathtaking rebirth as graphics were overhauled and made better from Syndicate, the map was more of an RPG calibur and combat was improved to make it a much stronger outing for the srruggling franchise. The more realtime combat, not just waiting to counter with every NPC attack like fan favourite Ezio's trilogy.

The main issue is that Bayek is about as lifeless a character as Aiden from Watch_Dogs, they pumped all the personality in to Aya, his estranged wife. which is rather odd as she barely features for large parts of the game. Most of her own missions are sea battles and don't even showcase her personality.

The tiny improvements also make the game better, for example, items and weapons actually had more in depth meanings to them (something later streamlined further by Odyssey), Bayek also has more skills than The Frye Twins, boasting three for Ranged combat, close combat and stealth. One issue this brings is having to level up all types of bows individually, which gets a tiny bit annoying for some trophy hunters as skills are needed for bows that you ordinarilly wouldn't bother with.

More interesting is the predator bow. Strangely giving you the technique of guiding arrows midflight. Similar to Bulletstorm's Sniper rifle, it lets you aim more precisely if you keep hold of the aim button.

Desmonds lot are also left behind (thank god) and replaced with a Templar rebel. She features less than Desmond did in most of his games (AC3 being the last one), Ancient Egypt even gives you more than enough reasons not to bother leaving the Animus, even if you're forced, you aren't so fussed about exploring Bayek's modest tomb.

A breath of fresh air that a stagnating series needed to bring it in to a game of the year contender once again.
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