9. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Sequence SevenUpdate notes

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An Urgent Favor

Help an escaped slave find safety
  • 100% Sync: Do not engage guards in open conflict

Enter the de Grandpé Mansion and speak with your father. Leave the mansion. I recommend the slave, or lady persona for the rest of the mission, in order to stay in low profile.

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Head to green marker, around 230m away to look for George. Kill the guards that are attacking him, and escort him to the Gate. It's as simple as avoiding them. If you are really stuck, watch the video below.

Supplying the Revolution

Help the Spanish supply the revolutionary rebels
  • 100% Sync: Don’t swim
  • 100% Sync: The raft must retain at least 50% health
  • 100% Sync: Use only melee weapons

This is one that people seem to struggle with, but is simple when you remember that the requirements do not have to all be done at the same time. They stack. It is more than possible to do all 3 at the same time. The route is shown below. Given how much you have to do, if you wish to complete all 3 requirements at the same time, the following video will show you that a lot better than I can explain it. However, I do apologise for the voiceover to game sound volume ratio. The game is a bit too loud, and it can be hard to hear him at times. Also note that he made a few mistakes, and still managed to get it all done. Don't worry too much, and if you do have a hard time getting full sync, split the requirements up. It's a very short mission, so use the replay sequence option to get the full sync.

The Last Dance

Eliminate a weak link

Once at the event, mingle and talk to the guests by heading over to a green marker, and pressing cn_O to interact/earwig. Do this for all 3 green markers before using Eagle Vision to locate, & talk to Vázquez. Lead him to the secluded area before taking his life in one swift movement. Finish by leaving the plantation, and speaking to your step-mother at the carriage.

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