8. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Sequence SixUpdate notes

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Return to Mexico

Find the missing half of the Prophecy Disk
  • 100% Sync: Solve the puzzle in 5 moves or less.

There is a collectible Mayan statue during this memory. Ensure you get it now to save you time, as it is not available in free room. It will be pointed out below.

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Start by following the trail to the canoe. Use cn_LS to steer. The canoe can take a lot of damage, so don't worry about crashing too much. Dive off and come to shore. Do not start climbing. You want to go past the rock pillar, and over to the Mayan Statuette, symbolised as a cup on the map. If you need a visual guide, check the video below.

The video is set to start at 0:45, as this is the one in question. Fast forward to 0:45 if it loads incorrectly.

Make your way to the top of the pillar, and dive below. Head straight on and swim past two obstacles, surface and once your breath has returned, dive again. Go back past the obstacle and swim right. Dodge the final group of obstacles, and then surface & climb out.

Head down the tunnel, and slide under the fallen pillar to reach the chamber. Climb the chamber. Some parts will require a rope swing. Follow the path until you reach the puzzle.

Now, for the puzzle. Either watch the video from 10:33 or follow my text guide.

The puzzle is 3 rows of 3 spaces, and I have coded them below as follows.

1A 1B 1C
2A 2B 2C
3A 3B 3C


  1. Move 1C -> 2C
  2. 1B -> 1C
  3. 2B -> 1B
  4. 2A -> 2B
  5. 1A -> 2A

End by taking the artifact.

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