7. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Sequence FiveUpdate notes

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Prodigal Daughter

Return home

We are back in New Orleans. After a meeting with Gérald, leave the Warehouse and head east to locate the recruiter. Climb the viewpoint and synchronize it. Dive into the hay bale below to trigger a cutscene. Tail him until a cutscene plays. Ignore the two enemies and just chase the recruiter.

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Rotten Barracks

End the recruiter’s ‘dishonest’ dealings
  • 100% Sync: Use a powder keg to assassinate the recruiter
  • 100% Sync: Remain undetected after killing the recruiter
  • Equipment needed: bullets
  • Equipment recommended: poison darts

You need to locate the recruiter and remain undetected. This one is quite tricky to accurately describe as there is a lot to do, so the video does it better than I could.

Powder of Voodoo

Use the superstitions of the weak against themselves
  • 100% Sync: Find Agate within 1 minute
  • Equipment needed: poison darts

Travel to the Bayou for this one.

Start by using Eagle Vision to follow the footsteps to Agaté. Watch the cutscene and head to the marker. You then need to find a safe vantage point, so head to the marker. A cutscene will play, then you are asked to use a poison dart to kill the target. STOP! Enter Eagle Vision, then shoot him to unlock the following achievement:

  • Predator

    Kill an enemy from a tree, with the blowpipe, while using eagle vision.


Follow the patrol through the treetops, jumping and rope swinging across. Shoot the next target with fast poison. Repeat for the 3rd guy. Done.

CitizenE #3

Head to the shipwrecked boat east of Agaté's hideout. This is the location where you loot the chest in Sequence 2 mission 'A Faithful Acolyte'.

You will find the target inside the boat.

The Lighthouse

Run a ship off its course
  • 100% Sync: Avoid killing anyone
  • 100% Sync: Do not swim

Talk to the smugglers, then head to the lighthouse. Don't kill anyone and avoid swimming. If you need help, the video below shows a route which would get you the full synchronization.

Stolen Goods

Help the Smugglers plunder ill-begotten goods
  • 100% Sync: Carry 2 crates yourself

Head to the rendezvous point. This is as simple as killing the targets quickly. Use a Whip + Blade combo to make light work of the enemies. Make sure you carry two crates to the drop off point. 2 is quite easy. It is more than possible to do 4.

The final part is to kill the last group of soldiers. Use the chain kill to dispatch them quickly.

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