6. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Sequence FourUpdate notes

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Find out where the slaves are going
  • 100% Sync: Do not swim

Start by changing into the slave persona at a dressing chamber. Head to the compound and infiltrate it. You can pick up a crate and walk straight past the guards who will move out of the way, or you can climb over using various routes, such as one in the video below.

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When you are in, blend into one of the groups, and remain undetected. Finally, tail the slave group (orange diamond) whilst remaining undetected.

A New Life

Be welcomed into a prosperous and free community

Head over to the various green markers, then press cn_O to interact with the slaves in order to mingle and gain information. Really simple.

Gathering Tools

Fashion a weapon out of the materials at hand
  • 100% Sync: Don't enter open conflict

Your first job is to loot 2 belts from the guards. When you spawn, turn around and follow the guard into the bushes. Assassinate him and loot his corpse. Head up the hill and assassinate the patrolling guard. Be aware that there are two guards at the top of the hill, so make sure you are away from them. Loot his corpse.

Steal two knives. One needs to be pick-pocketed off the slave, whereas the other needs to be looted from the chest. Head to the construction site for wooden planks. Use the scaffolding to get to them before heading to the stables. Place the powder keg near the stables, and kill a lone guard who is carrying a musket.

Shoot the keg and use the blacksmith's working bench.

The Company Man

Discover the colony's dark secret
  • 100% Sync: The captive man must retain at least 50% health

Start by tailing de Ferrer, then tail de Ferrer and the Overseer. When you get to two guards blocking the path, use the building on the left to get by.

After the cutscene, defend the captive man and be quick. Don't let his health drop a lot. After that, a cutscene plays and you obtain the Whip. A tutorial on using the Whip will start. Press cn_T to pull the enemy. While pulling your enemy with the Whip, press cn_S to strike them again. Then finish the chapter by killing the enemies.

Now you have the Whip, I suggest working on the hangman kills. To do this, you need to be above an enemy on a platform, such as a tree, signpost etc. Press and hold cn_T to drag the enemy below you. Now, push cn_LSd, and a hangman kill is performed. This kill is the same method as a rope dart kill in Assassin's Creed III


Trail of Truth

Follow the clues to unlock the past
  • 100% Sync: Do not engage in open conflict
  • 100% Sync: Complete the mission in under 5 minutes

Start by escaping the area. Use the huts and hay bales for cover. After escaping, head to the green marker to search for clues leading to Jeanne's hut. Upon arrival, enter Eagle Vision (cn_LS), then follow the footsteps to the clue. Press cn_L2 to investigate.

Repeat this process twice more before heading around the building to find the final clue.

CitizenE #2

This is available straight after the previous mission.

Head to the top of the structure and use Eagle Vision to discover the gold target. He is inside a crevice.

The Secret of the Cenote

Search for the lost Prophecy Disk
  • 100% Sync: Take no damage
  • 100% Sync: Solve the puzzle in 2 minutes

There is a collectible Mayan statue during this memory. Ensure you get it now to save you time, as it is not available in free room. It will be pointed out below.

Start by entering the cenote. This is s simple as following the route, and diving into the water (cn_R2 + cn_X). You then need to navigate through the caves. Press cn_X to dive underwater, & hold cn_R2 to swim more rapidly. Swim through all of the targets until you get chance to surface (hold cn_X).

When on dry land, the navigation is pretty straightforward, but if you get stuck, check the video below.

After a while, you would have been taught how to swing jump with the Whip, and eventually arrive at a long slope that lands you in the water. Do not get out, but instead dive underwater and head forward to collect the Mayan Statuette.

Now surface and climb out of the water by using the pillar. Head up the slope and solve the puzzle in less than 2 minutes. The challenge is to complete a ball-in-a-maze puzzle in under 2 minutes, and should prove to be very easy. Next, grab the Disk to trigger a cutscene.

Kill de Ferrer without taking any damage. This can be tricky, so reload if you get hit, otherwise you will have to replay the whole mission. Counter all moves, then attempt to break the enemy's defense before killing them. The Whip and other ranged weapons come in handy. Watch out for the firing lines, however, their bullets can kill de Ferrer, as shown in the video. Use human shields when you have the chance, or roll and dodge the bullets.

Finally, escape through the mines. This is quite straightforward, but watch the video if you need help. A final cutscene plays, and you get a pop.

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