5. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Sequence ThreeUpdate notes

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At The Pub

Interrogate the drunk Captain to find out what he knows

After speaking with the sailor, you will be at the tavern. Enter Eagle Vision to find Dominguez sat on the ground, next to a lamp post. Interact with him to get the information needed, then return to the de Grandpré mansion. When you enter the mansion, head upstairs to meet with Philippe. Take the diary page, a collectible, to complete the level.

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Prélude to Rebellion

Stand up for the people
  • 100% Sync: Use your fists to knock out opponents

Start by investigating the commotion, you will find that two rebels/civilians need protecting. Fight their attackers, but only use your fists, no weapons, to get the full sync. The rebels will then inform you why they were shouting, so head to the De Grandpré warehouse to meet Gérald. You will find him in his office.

Follow Gérald, and interact with the desk when prompted to be walked through a tutorial for the shipping trade system. This is a great way to make écu. Then follow Gérald around the warehouse before returning to his office.

Elegant and Deadly

Protect the family business
  • Equipment needed: Poison Darts

Follow the informant until you can are told to go to Bouché's warehouse. Once there, shoot the first target with the Parasol gun hidden mechanism, and do the same to the second when he investigates the body.

After the cutscene, head over to the shop and purchase it by pressing cn_O. You will need 500 écu. Return to the warehouse, watch a cutscene, and change into the Assassin persona. Head to the docks and press cn_O to interact with the man in order to travel to the Bayou.

Vanishing Slaves

Prevent the strange cargo from reaching its destination
  • 100% Sync: Race through the checkpoints faster than your opponent

After the cutscene, head across the swamp and talk to Élise to trigger another cutscene. Head across the Bayou to meet with Élise. She will tell to intercept the convoy, and wishes to race you there. For the 100% sync, you need to race through the checkpoints faster than your opponent. That is quite easy, and you should have little trouble in doing so.

Eventually the convoy stops, and you need to eliminate the soldier escorts. You can do this by any means necessary, but I recommend using a Berserk Poison Dart on the guard dressed in white, letting him kill the others so you can unlock:

  • Poison

    Use berserk poison to force an enemy to kill 5 enemies.



Storming the Fort

Chase the “villain” to the fort
  • Equipment needed: poison darts

Your first objective is to eliminate the guards and remain undetected. Head left and deal with guard #1 by getting him to head over to you with a yellow diamond above his head. This means he is alerted to you, but has not detected you. Run around the tree and kill him. Use a Poison Dart on the guard alone in the grounds, near the smuggler.

Get close to the guard on the gate by using the tree stump to jump the barrier, and head to the outbuilding. Hide and whistle to get his attention, and either use a dart or let him get close enough. Then kill him with the hidden blade with a corner kill, or run around the outbuilding and kill him from behind. Behind the previous guard's outpost is another guard, which can be killed in either style, like the previous guard. Jump into the leaf pile and use a dart on the final guard, who is patrolling back and forth.

You will then need to enter the fort and chase the Spanish Officer whilst Élise shoots the stray enemies, so ignore them. Chase him over a very simple route until he stops, he needs to be killed to trigger the cutscene.

After that, head down to the cells and watch the cutscene.

In Vino Veritas

Follow the instructions to disrupt order
  • 100% Sync: Don't increase your notoriety
  • 100% Sync: Carriage must retain at least 50% health
  • 100% Sync: Kill all targets in 1 minute
  • Equipment recommended: poison darts

Remember that all of the 100% sync requirements do not have to be done at the same time.

Follow Gérald to the incite location, and incite a riot when you arrive by pressing cn_O to interact with the man at the green marker, then again for the white diamonds. Interact with the first guy again to start the riot.

After speaking with Gérald, use the dressing chamber to change into the assassin persona before heading off to meet Gérald. You now have to take out the 5 guards. There are 3 on the roof that can be poisoned from a distance. Then poison one on the ground,, before getting an aerial assassination on the remaining guards. There are many other ways that work as well.

You are now in charge of the carriage, and as long as you don't crash, the damage will not be enough to fail the 100% sync. There is only one route you can take, as every other exit is blocked, so follow the road. After the cutscene, use the chain kill and counter kill, to kill the 4 enemies before heading up the stairs and killing the last enemy. Make sure to be quick for the 100% sync.

Getting Ulloa's Attention

Send the governor an explosive message

Talk to Monsieur Gérald, and then head to the docks. When you get to the green marker, a cutscene plays. Your next task is to eliminate the guards whilst remaining undetected. Use the canoe to get close, but not too close. Swim to the boat, diving underwater to avoid detection when needed.

Climb up near the ladder and hang there, waiting for a guard to walk past you. As he does, pull him over the ledge to eliminate him. Repeat for guard number 2 before sneaking up behind the static guard for the final kill. Head over to the powder keg and blow it up.

5 guards will attack you, but using chain kill & counter kill should make light work of them. Approach the Captain before swimming out of the area within the time limit to complete this mission.

A Governor No More

Draw Governor Ulloa out of La Balize
  • 100% Sync: Set up the ambush in under 4 minutes
  • Equipment needed: poison darts, bullets.

Start by talking with Agaté inSaint Peter's Cemetery.

You now need to set up the ambush in under 4 minutes. As you regain control, take out the guard that is passing you in the alleyway below. A quick air assassination will do the job. Head over to the guy on the roof a street over. Use a dart or kill him from the ledge. Take out the 3rd guy, a patrolling guard on the ground, with an aerial kill. For the final two guards, aerial kills work again.

Head to the green marker, and block the square. Collect the explosives and carry them to the drop point.

You need to ensure that the convoy enters the ambush site, so head to the next green marker, and destroy the water tower. Be aware of the time limit. Do this another 2 times, and then get to the vantage point.

Use your gun to blow up the keg before killing the soldiers. They have a habit of countering you. The best way to kill them is to disarm them first, then break their block by kicking them before the final hit. Once they're dead, watch the cutscene, and then head to Agaté.

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