4. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Sequence TwoUpdate notes

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Welcome to the Bayou. A swampy place inhabited by Alligators, Bobcats, Smugglers and a Whale. The Whale is an Easter egg, which can be found near the lighthouse. Climb to the top, and you can hear Whale sounds. The Whale can jump out of the water.

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The Laos Guide You

Talk to the mentor, if you can find him

This starts with Aveline reading a letter. Once she has finished reading, head to the green icon to search for clues. Use Eagle Vision when you arrive to see the clue on a tree. Interact with it to get the next clue location. When you are running across the trees, stop and go back forth without touching the ground to unlock:

Here is a video of it in action:

Back to clue hunting. Enter Eagle Vision when you are in the green circle, and you will see the clue. Interact with it, and the final clue location is revealed. Head to it and use Eagle Vision upon arrival. It is above you on a tree. Use the footprints to locate the tree you need to run up, to then get level with the clue.

Agaté's location will appear. Stay in the treetops, and run across the branches to get to the green marker.

The False Mackandal

Help the mentor run from his past
  • 100% Sync: Complete the mission in under 2 minutes

After the cutscene, press and hold cn_R1 to open the weapon wheel, and use the cn_RS to select the Fast Poison Darts. Hold cn_T to aim at one of the mannequins in front of you. Next, climb the tree. Shoot the target using the same method. Take a Leap of Faith into the leaves below, and shoot the final target.

Meet the Smugglers

Get familiar with the base elements of the Bayou
  • 100% Sync: Kill 1 guard using fast poison
  • Equipment needed: poison darts

Head to the Smugglers' Hideout. Use the trees for the quickest route.

After the cutscene, you have to kill 3 guards. This is also the time to do the 100% sync requirement. You have 3 minutes to kill all 3. Head right for the first guard. Stand next to the wall and kill him to get the 100% sync, plus a trophy. The second guard is on the wooden structure to the left of the start point. Climb up from behind and kill him. To the west are some platforms you can jump down to. Use them to gain access to the roof of the first building, jump to the second building and poison the final guard.

A total of 4 enemies will now be attacking Roussillion and Élise. Go support them by taking out all 4 enemies. Watch the cutscene to complete.

A Faithful Acolyte

Hunt down the mentor's enemies
  • 100% Sync: Kill the followers in three minutes
  • Equipment needed: poison darts

After the cutscene, you will be in a canoe. Hold cn_R2 to move forward. Hold cn_L2 to move backwards. Steer to the left or right using cn_LSl, or cn_LSr.

Follow Élise until the cutscene and a QTE will start. After slaying the Alligator, loot the nest for a collectable item, an Alligator egg.

To the east is a tree which you need to climb up to find the followers. Remember, you need to kill them within three minutes. You can do this in a stealthy manner, or in the manner in which you will get a trophy. Equip the Sugarcane Machete and run into the middle, then get the enemies attention. Use a Smoke Bomb to stun the guards and hack away, before heading to the right corner of the boat. Crawl under and loot the chest.

  • Machete

    Kill 5 guards in 15 seconds using only the Sugarcane Machete (without using the Chain Kill).

    Offline Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Time/Date - These trophies require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.

The Second Camp

Spare the innocent
  • 100% Sync: Kill only the Acolyte
  • Equipment needed: poison darts

After the cutscene, follow Élise, then follow the trail up to the treetops. Tail the acolyte to a secluded area. Eventually the orange diamond will change to red. Give it a few seconds to stand near a tent. Use a poison dart on the target.

After he is dead, jump down and loot the chest, then return to the Smugglers' Hideout.

Eve of Saint John

Complete the mentor's dirty work
  • 100% Sync: Perform a double assassination

When the cutscene ends, go and change into the slave persona. You will have to buy the dressing chamber to do this. Next, return to Élise. Use the canoe, and follow Élise.

After the cutscene, you'll have to infiltrate the ceremony site without being detected, as well as performing a double assassination. Make your way up the tree in front of you, and around to the wooden platform, then kill the guard. Repeat for the second guard a bit further down. Jump onto the tree stump in front of you, and then jump to the next stump. There are two guards below, jump down and double assassinate them. Pop into the leaf pile, and a guard may run towards the dead bodies. Kill him as he passes. If he does not run over, press cn_O to whistle from the hiding spot, then stab him when he is near.

After the next cutscene, run forward to assassinate the false Mackandal to trigger another cutscene. You must now survive until the poison wears off, which is simple. Just walk away. You will then have to kill the false Mackandal's bodyguards. As with most tougher enemies, they are easily defeated with counter kills. Then you will have the boss fight. Counter him, then kill him when he is down.

CitizenE #1

Immediately after, you will be told CitizenE is near. Enter Eagle Vision to locate and kill him to uncover the truth.

The Whole Truth

Tell as much truth as necessary

This one is just a simple cutscene.

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