13. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD CollectiblesUpdate notes

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There are special character related items. However, before we do that we will need a lot of money. So head to the warehouse, enter the ship menu, and sell goods back and forth with as many ships as you can until you have accumulated around 200,000 écu. Whilst doing this, purchase 8 boats to unlock

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For a great guide on how to make money, see this: https://www.trueachievements.com/viewcomment.aspx?commentid=....

Now we look for a smuggler in town, and buy every pocket watch he has. This will unlock the following:


If you didn't get them during the story, climb the remaining ones in New Orleans (11), Bayou (6), and Mexico (2). This will unlock the following upon synchronising the last one:

Dressing Chambers

Also, if you didn't get them during the campaign, simply buy every chamber in all of the maps until you unlock the following. You will find them in New Orleans and the Bayou:

Now it is time to start with the other collectibles. All of the collectibles appear on the map.

Thanks to the great guys over at nerdburgulars.com, they have an interactive map which you can use. You do need to register and log in to use the interactive features. You can find the same maps below, if you are unwilling to register.

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Assassin Coins

These show up only while playing as the assassin persona, and they are only carried by certain people (who you'll need to knock out or kill) throughout the map of New Orleans and the Bayous, there are a total of 10 coins. Here is a detailed video map of the locations.

Precious Stones/Brooches

These are only obtainable while playing as the lady persona, and they are like the assassin coins, except you have to charm the targets to get them. There are again 10 of them scattered across the maps. Another video.


Voodoo Dolls

These are only obtainable while playing as the slave persona, and in this case you need to steal them from certain targets. There are also 10 of them to be found throughout the maps.


This will also unlock the following achievement:

Diary pages, Alligator Eggs, Mayan Statuettes & mushrooms

There are a total of 30 diary pages, 12 Alligator eggs, 10 mayan statuettes, and 10 mushrooms (the mushrooms only appear if you have started the first Bayou fever mission). Here are some videos for every collectible.

We already have the mushrooms, so feel free to ignore that. I have placed it here for completion purposes. When you are hunting the eggs, ensure you kill the Alligator at each nest to get an achievement for doing so 10 times. They do respawn as well.





This will unlock the following:

  • Collector

    Collect all diary pages, alligator eggs, Mayan statuettes, and mushrooms.



You should also get the platinum:

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