12. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Side MissionsUpdate notes

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Now, whilst you are running around certain areas, you may see other icons for other collectibles or side missions instead of the one you are currently tracking down. I highly recommend collecting them, and making a note of where they are. These include mushrooms, eggs, voodoo dolls, assassin coins, precious stones, diary pages, statuettes etc. Note that some are persona specific.

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Bayou Fever

Finding the mushrooms

You need to collect 9 mushrooms, find & knock out the sick people. However, there are 10 mushrooms. You need all 10 for the Collector achievement, so get all 10.

You need to complete the first mission for the Houngan, and then collect the rest.

Here is a map for the mushrooms:

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and a map for the sick people:

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Upon finding the last one you will unlock

Business Rivals

There are a total of 7 missions: 6 in New Orleans, and 1 in the Bayou. You do not need to get 100% sync in any of them for the achievements. You should have little trouble with these. You are looking for the 'target' icon on the in-game map. If you have trouble finding one, play the video below for more details, or climb a viewpoint to uncover areas of the map.

First, the New Orleans 6:

M. Ratel's Merchants

Equipment recommended: Berserk Darts

M. Salmon's Ships

M. de Vandal's Harbor

M. Marcantell's Merchants

M. Chapperon's Textiles

Finally, the Bayou:

M. Reynaud's Bypass

Ship Crew

There are a total of 3 of these, and all of them are found in New Orleans. Again, these are short and easy. 100% sync is not needed.

Mistress and Commander

Head to the marker, beat down and rob the guy, and return to the captain.

Before the Mast

The Cannon

Free Slaves

There are a total of 3 missions which are visible as the lady persona, there are 2 in New Orleans and 1 in the Bayou.

A Family Divided

Earthly Belongings

After the slave leads the way, get into the area, get the belongings and finish the mission.

A New Recruit


Persona Specific Missions

There are 3 different story plots to finish: "The plot - Lady", "Detective - Slave", and "Contracts - Assassin". There are 5 minor missions in each plot, and the 100% sync is not required.

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