11. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Sequence NineUpdate notes

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Now, let us turn our attention to the two non-story related CitizenE targets. You may already have found them, but nonetheless, here is where you'll find them.

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CitizenE #4

This target will run when spotted.

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CitizenE #5

This target is at the top of the church, next to the viewpoint.

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Abandoning Pretense

Unmask the truth

This is just a couple of cutscenes, separated by an escape attempt.

Confronting Agaté

Confront the mentor
  • 100% Sync: Complete the mission in 5 minutes
  • 100% Sync: Take no damage

Recommended equipment: Poison darts, Bullets & Smoke Bombs

Taking no damage is tricky, but doable. This video shows a way of using Bullets, but you could also use Smoke Bombs, throwing the bombs where they spawn, & just before they spawn. This allows you to get easy kills.


Repent and join the order
  • 100% Sync: Kill the Citizen E in less than 2 minutes

Follow the obstacle course as shown below. Be quick.


The Truth
  • 100% Sync: Don't take any damage

Recommended equipment: Smoke Bombs & Bullets.

Equip the pistol ASAP. Counter kill/disarm the targets, and as soon the target enters the fight, use chain kill [cn_LB] to highlight her and complete the mission.

If the Complete all Mission Constraints failed to pop, replay a level such as Father's Troubles in Sequence 1. If you get the 100% again, it should pop. You could also play the secret mission, Connor's Way. This mission is not needed for any achievement, and is only available after completing the story. It is the Aveline/Connor mission from his view, and you play as him.

Now, time to mop up the rest of the game.

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