10. Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Sequence EightUpdate notes

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A Fool’s Errand

Locate Officer Davidson
  • 100% Sync: Climb the waterfall in less than 1 minute

After reading the letter, head to the marker to meet an old friend. After exchanging pleasantries, chase the sentry. After a quick interrogation, climb the waterfall. Be quick, as you need to do it in less than 1 minute for 100% sync. If you get stuck (which you should not), play the video below from the 2:45 mark.

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Next, head to the bridge, killing the guards along the way. Climb across the bridge, and push the beam down. Head towards the fort, killing the two guards along the way. The cutscene will show you a route that you can use to climb over the fort wall. Head to the western wall to trigger another scene before climbing into the watchtower, and fighting Davidson & his two guards.

To escape the tower, use the cracked inner tower walls, windows, & wood to escape. More details at 9:25.

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