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    The game proposes an other vision of the secular conflict between Templars and Assassins. Here is one of the arguments of this opus in HD.

    Liberation is a new angle of attack in the saga.The opus presents for the first time a heroine : Aveline, with its own themes : The slavery, the place of the woman in the society in 18TH century.
    It also develops the point of view of the Templars, what we were already able to notice in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (and it is a good thing in my opinion).
    We find all that we can make in an Assassin's Creed, a little more limited, but everything is there. Fights, improvements of her equipment, the exploration (New-Orleans, Bayou, Mexico), the infiltration, the run on roofs and branches, management of the boats of the family company.


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    The key point of Liberation HD comes naturally from the three suits which Aveline can wear and who have each their own function.
    Assassin : she can enjoy all her weapons, whether it is her Sugarcane machette, hidden blades, gun, or still her whip.
    Slave : the beautiful half-blood can infiltrate plantations and to fight, but she's less resistant during the fight.
    Lady : she has no more all her capacities of fight but exploits her talents of seduction to enter discreetly the house of the enemy and kill him with delicacy.


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    Assassin Creed Liberation HD is a real episode of the series and proposes almost all that we find there generally in the versions on Xbox360 and PS3. However, the ambition is lesser in terms of activities, fights and possibilities but without having the impression to play a discount episode!
    Also note that, finally, the adventure is also more interventionist, in spite of some secondary quests and several missions added, which have moreover nothing essential but who enrich all the same the game.And finally problems of display can disappoint.
    Liberation HD may be a good game, it doesn't obviously support the comparison with Edward's adventure. Then if you stayed in Assassin Creed III, no doubt that Liberation will be an excellent transition towards Assassin Creed IV; but if you already know Assassin's creed IV Black Flag, then you'll have necessarily the feeling to play at a "little" Assassin's Creed, which is lacking contents, and this in spite of all its qualities!

    + :

    - Aveline, a charismatic character of the license.
    - Successful face-lift HD.
    - Gameplay interesting with the 3 suits.
    - The atmosphere, and the period.
    - A good life expectancy (about fifteen hours) if you want to obtain the platinum trophy.

    - :

    - Fewer contents than in the traditional episodes.
    - Still some bugs of display.
    - Not always convincing story.
    - Absence of the Multiplayer mode.
    - Available for 20 euro, this game will seem to you expensive if you play only for the main story.

    These few lines reflect only my opinion, as well as the note and + and-. You can completely have a different opinion by playing the game.I am a big fan of the license, I tried to remain objective.
    Please excuse my English, certain words can seem to you strange shock
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    Prem-aka-PrinceThank you for your review
    Posted by Prem-aka-Prince on 30 Jan 14 at 09:36
    Raccoon28200wink hope this help.
    Posted by Raccoon28200 on 30 Jan 14 at 16:29
    Thumbs up, even though you list absence of multiplayer as a negative. Ugh, multiplayer.
    Posted on 12 Apr 15 at 23:45
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