Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS3) Reviews

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    04 Nov 2013
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    This game hands down is my favorite in the series.Though not from a technical presepctive but a storyline one.

    First let's start with the technical and get that out the way.Graphics are good nothing revolutionary but that is too be expected with a game at the end of a console's life cycle.Compared to say a game at the PS3's launch this game is leaps and bounds graphically.But standard for end the end of a console run.I would say easily a 4.5 out of 5 for graphics.

    Combat has not changed from ACIII.You will break an enemy's defense or counter their attack.Followed by kill chaining when fighting large groups of enemies.If you played previous entries in the series and loved the combat you will love it here.But if you were hoping for something different you won't find it in Black Flag.

    Now the naval combat and exploration is where I had the most fun.Especially the naval battles.Positioning can either leave vulnerable to a complete arse kicking or give you the edge to victory.And once you disable a enemy ship you have two options sink them or board them.If you board them and successfully take over the ship you can use it to repair yours.lower your wanted rating or add it to your fleet.Your fleet is this games version of controlling the brotherhood.You basically send them out on missions and receive money.

    Now for the Story.You are Edward Kenway who you may have guessed is a pirate.And unlike other AC games you don't really care about the fight between Assassins and Templars.You only care about money and living an unfettered life.In fact throughout most of the game the only reason you ever help the Assassins is because it suites your goal of getting rich.Add to this Edward is a likeable charming rogue who is entertaining to play as.Now the parts of the story that take place outside of the animus are a bit dull.And more of just a quick segment to gather some collectables and see glimpse of a at times confusing story.Honestly Ubisoft could drop the real world segments and be better for it.

    The game has a multiplayer portion which is besides the wolfpack coop mode is mostly the same as last game.Which is a good thing it offers a nice change of pace from the usual fps shooter run and gun MP that is supersaturated this console gen.It is made up of standard MP modes like domination and deathmatch.With returning favorites like wanted(a personal favorite of mine).With wolfpack offering a coop option of you and friends hunting down A.I. controlled targets.

    While the game doesn't bring a ton of new stuff to the table.But they do bring a tried and true experience that is entertaining will hold gamers over till the next gen AC(no I don't mean the ps 4 version cause that is the same exact game.).If your looking for A good game that's filled with action,pirates and naval battles this game is the best choice.
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