Asdivine Hearts

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Asdivine Hearts Trophies

Most Earned

The Adventure Begins
The Adventure Begins15TrophyTypeWatch the opening.
A Fluffy Deity?
A Fluffy Deity?17TrophyTypeMeet the self-proclaimed deity.
All Together
All Together23TrophyTypeComplete the party.
Parallel World
Parallel World30TrophyTypeArrive at Reveria for the first time.

Least Earned

Together Forever
Together Forever87TrophyTypeEarn the ”Together Forever” ending.
Love Story
Love Story87TrophyTypeEarn the ”Love Story” ending.
Deity in Love
Deity in Love87TrophyTypeEarn the ”Deity in Love” ending.
An End and a New Beginning
An End and a New Beginning87TrophyTypeEarn the ”An End and a New Beginning” ending.
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