ArtPulse Trophies

Here is the full list of all 14 ArtPulse trophies - there are 1 bronze, 2 silver, 10 gold and 1 platinum.

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  • Favorite color

    Use the color picker to quick bind a color

  • I don’t like you anymore

    Use the Vacuum tool to destroy the last placed object

  • Cinema

    Finish the experience in cinematic mode

  • I like this one

    Quick bind a tool, shape or color

  • The End

    Witness your artwork decay into nothingness

  • Freedom!

    Draw total of 100 meters of color bar with free draw tool

  • Big bang!

    Have 3 spinning tops go off within 5 seconds of each other.

  • Flat

    Create a flat square with the cube tool

  • Full arsenal

    Have all quick binds in use

  • Black and White

    Create an artwork using only black and white colors

  • Space

    Create an artwork using only shootings stars and blackholes

  • Beginner

    Start the game for the first time

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ArtPulse FAQ
  • How many trophies are there in ArtPulse?
    There are 14 trophies in ArtPulse - 1 bronze, 2 silver, 10 gold and 1 platinum.
    You can view the full list of ArtPulse trophies here.
  • Is ArtPulse on PlayStation Plus?
    No, ArtPulse is not currently available on any PlayStation Plus tier.
  • When did ArtPulse release on PlayStation?
    ArtPulse was released on December 17th, 2019.