Army Corps of Hell (Vita)

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Army Corps of Hell (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Resurrection Inceptor
Resurrection Inceptor15TrophyTypeCleared the first stage.
Sage of Antiquity
Sage of Antiquity16TrophyTypeAlchemized first equipment for soldiers.
Champion of Courage
Champion of Courage17TrophyTypeAlchemized first equipment for spearmen.
Sin's Slaughterer
Sin's Slaughterer18TrophyTypeCrushed 100 foes.

Least Earned

Sage of Swords
Sage of Swords88TrophyTypeAlchemized all weapons and armor for soldiers.
Sage of Staffs
Sage of Staffs88TrophyTypeAlchemized all weapons and armor for magi.
Sage of Spears
Sage of Spears88TrophyTypeAlchemized all weapons and armor for spearmen.
Overlord of the Underworld
Overlord of the Underworld526TrophyTypeObtained all trophies.
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