Armored Core V

PlayStation 3

Armored Core V Trophies

Most Earned

Rookie15TrophyTypeAwarded for joining a team.
Assembler16TrophyTypeAwarded for assembling an AC in a workshop.
Order Mission
Order Mission16TrophyTypeAwarded for completing at least one Order Mission.
Color Customizer
Color Customizer17TrophyTypeAwarded for setting an AC's coloring in a workshop.

Least Earned

Subquest Master
Subquest Master569TrophyTypeAwarded for completing all Story Mission and Order Mission subquests.
Story Master
Story Master569TrophyTypeAwarded for completing all Story Missions with Rank S.
Zodiac155TrophyTypeAwarded for destroying all Zodiac members.
Emblem Master
Emblem Master77TrophyTypeAwarded for getting all emblems and emblem pieces by buying them at the shop and/or destroying ACs.<br /> (Excludes downloadable emblems.)
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Server closures are never easy to write about, especially when they only involve a short amount of notice to complete a title. With this, I bring bad news to players of Armored Core V, regardless of

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 7 comments

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