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    Arcania Gothic 4 (or Arcania The Complete Tale) is an originally PS3 RPG action/adventure game that follows a warrior on his quest to do something something. I would know what that something something was if the PS4 cutscenes didn't completely not work so I missed out on a majority of what I can assume riveting story.

    Story aside, the gameplay is pretty basic. Hit some things with your sword once in a while. Shoot some arrows. I couldn't get into the magic because the first spells you get are consumable until you use your experience points to unlock non-consumable spells. There is a nice variety of enemies depending on what part of the map you are in and they do have more complex behaviors, i.e. goblins ambushing you by hiding in the trees. Do keep in mind this was a PS3 game at one point, though.

    Notable mechanics is that if you run far enough away from the initial spawn point of an enemy, they will become invincible and flee back to their homes. The lockpicking game is also different- you have to press the button to align the moving locks. I was going to put more notable mechanics, but I can't think of any.

    Non-notable mechanics is there is no weight limit so you can pick up all the useless items that the game has to offer and sell it for coins on the dollar to your friendly tradesmen. There is a crafting option but some of the materials you need to craft stuff (i.e. vials), you almost never find in the world and have to buy. This means if you are like me and just hoard stuff and want to see what you can make, you'll be solely disappointed.

    Glitches are also rampant in this game. I didn't have the game ever completely shut down on me, but I did frequently clip through objects. If you jump on certain things, you freeze and slid off strangely. Most enemies can be lured away or glitched safe-spotted if you just jump like crazy around the environment.

    Okay, so let's look at the trophies now.

    Playing on gothic difficulty is like playing a bell-curve. It starts off easy, gets harder, and then gets easy once you realize the same shooting arrows while walking backwards mechanic works. Also, running past large groups of enemies is completely acceptable for most places.

    The collectibles is probably the worst part of this game. Backtracking this map is completely and utterly awful and involves jumping up ledges in just the right way to latch onto it. There's no collectible tracker and they are almost impossible to find without a guide.

    The collectibles do give you an OP helmet with +60 health regeneration, which makes the boss fight on gothic difficulty a walk in the park. The boss doesn't do anything spectacular and mostly depending on spawning hoards of enemies to overwhelm you. There is no boss cutscene, because they couldn't be bothered to test that when they ported this to the PS4. .

    The game then brings you to the DLC which you have to finish for some reason. They then proceeded to automatically buff your super amazing helmet. The DLC takes place on a much smaller map and actually has a pretty good dynamic between different fractions of people. It also introduces overpowered everything- from potions to ores to plants. The DLC concludes with a final boss which is copy and paste of the first final boss but they gave the floor lave.

    After all of that, don't forget to reload one of your previous saves because somehow you can complete the entire game and not have gotten a single combat-related trophy.

    I uploaded a few video clips of the game as I wrapped it up if your interested in seeing some gameplay:
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    ShinKotakePlaying it right now. One thing I noticed is that there are zero cutscenes for me(and other apparently). I had to go to Youtube just to watch them because the game straight up skips them.
    Posted by ShinKotake on 05 Jan at 01:51