Arcade Archives 10-Yard Fight Reviews

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    09 Oct 2018 25 Dec 2019
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    Fun football themed arcade from 1983, this was ported to a home version which was part of Nintendo's North American launch titles in 1985-1986 | produced by Taito in 1984.
    Compared to any modern game, the gameplay of Arcade Archives 10-Yard Fight is not simple but for the mid-80s this game was a lot of fun to play.

    Each level begins the kick-off with the player who takes the ball as far as possible from the field before being tackled.
    Since the game is about scoring touchdowns, the player is always on offense in the 1-player game. Players can get points to complete the passes and to earn yard running or passing. The score of a touchdown is also added to the score of the players, as well as any remaining time on the clock after the touchdown has been scored. Extra points after touchdowns can be kicked or run in the final zone.
    An intercepted pass earns a penalty of 20 yards. Exhaustion of limits stops the clock.
    This game has 4 levels.
    Level 1: High school
    Level 2: College
    Level 3: Pro
    Level 4: SuperBowl
    This game is not easy to complete, it requires a lot of patience and a good skill. The #TrophyHunters have been warned.