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AquaPanic! Trophies

Most Earned

Too easy!
Too easy!15TrophyTypeFinish first level in Adventure mode.
Shoal member
Shoal member29TrophyTypeSend a score on the scoreboard.
Sea Cucumber
Sea Cucumber29TrophyTypeSave at least 1400 fish in Adventure mode <br /> or Freeplay mode.
Voracious shark
Voracious shark29TrophyTypeFail a level with all of the fish dying.

Least Earned

Dip net fishing
Dip net fishing137TrophyTypeFinish 25 levels in a row in Random Survival mode.
Angling137TrophyTypeFinish 20 levels in a row in Random Survival mode.
Net fishing
Net fishing224TrophyTypeFinish 32 levels in a row in any Survival mode.
Sunfish97TrophyTypeSave at least 5600 fish in Adventure mode <br /> or Freeplay mode.
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