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Apex Legends finally gets cross-play next week

The long-awaited Apex Legends cross-play update comes to the battle royale game next week. Soon you'll be able to team up with your buddies on Xbox One and PC.

Posted 1 month ago by Sean Carey

TrueTrophies Game of the Decade: Staff picks

We're not far off being able to reveal the community's Game of the Decade – but before we do that, here's some thoughts from our staff, including the writers and our fantastic volunteer crew.

Posted 10 months ago by Sam Quirke

The TrueTrophies Game of the Year 2019

Voting for the TrueTrophies Game of the Year 2019 has now finished. Here are the results, from the overall best game of the year to your favourite trophies.

Posted 11 months ago by Sean Carey

Apex Legends Soundtrack Now Available on Spotify

if you're one of those people who has taken a shine to the game's music, you'll be glad to know that the five-track original soundtrack, composed by Stephen Barton, is now available to listen to on Spotify and iTunes.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

Apex Construct Sees Surge In Sales Thanks to Apex Legends

Despite Apex Construct being exclusive to EA Origins, the game has seen a surge in sales on Steam, and disgruntled players have been placing the blame squarely in the hands of Fast Travel Games for their mistake.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

Is Survival Mode Coming to Apex Legends?

Developer Respawn had already promised there would be new Legends, new weapons and new loot to come through the game's first year, but now we may have more details on those before they've been announced.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith

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