Apache: Air Assault

PlayStation 3

Apache: Air Assault Trophies

Most Earned

Flying Colors
Flying Colors16TrophyTypeComplete “Takeoff” mission
Shot At Fame
Shot At Fame16TrophyTypePost scores to all Leaderboards
Got To Da Choppa!
Got To Da Choppa!16TrophyTypeStart "The Sky is Burning" mission
Wave Goodbye
Wave Goodbye17TrophyTypeComplete a specific mission objective in "The Sky is Burning"

Least Earned

You Complete Me
You Complete Me472TrophyTypeEarn all available Trophies for Apache: Air Assault
Skin Deep
Skin Deep38TrophyTypeUnlock all skins for all helicopters
Helicopterrific224TrophyTypeComplete the Campaign and Squad Operations
Feet Wet
Feet Wet75TrophyTypeFinish Africa Chapter on Realistic or Veteran difficulty
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