Anarcute (Asia)

PlayStation 4

Anarcute (Asia) Trophies

Most Earned

The revolution begins
The revolution begins15TrophyTypeFinish the first level
Tokyo : Done!
Tokyo : Done!21TrophyTypeFree Tokyo
Monomaniac30TrophyTypePlay with only one kind of animal
200 according to the police
200 according to the police30TrophyTypeWake up 1000 rioters

Least Earned

Three points!
Three points!90TrophyTypePut it through the hoop in Miami
So popular!
So popular!15TrophyTypeMake 50 ennemies fall in love with the rioters
Rioting Safari
Rioting Safari90TrophyTypeUnlock all the heads
Ricochet pro
Ricochet pro90TrophyTypeMake a prop ricochet 9 times
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