Anarcute (Asia)

Anarcute (Asia)

PlayStation 4

Anarcute (Asia) Trophies

Most Earned

The revolution begins
The revolution begins15TrophyTypeFinish the first level
Tokyo : Done!
Tokyo : Done!20TrophyTypeFree Tokyo
Monomaniac25TrophyTypePlay with only one kind of animal
One man army
One man army57TrophyTypeFinish a level with only 1 rioter standing

Least Earned

So popular!
So popular!15TrophyTypeMake 50 ennemies fall in love with the rioters
Rioting Safari
Rioting Safari90TrophyTypeUnlock all the heads
Reykjavik : Done!
Reykjavik : Done!30TrophyTypeFree Reykjavik
Return to sender
Return to sender15TrophyTypeEject 5 ennemies with mines
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